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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight – Amanda V. Wagner December 19, 2019

Member Spotlight – Amanda V. Wagner

Every business has its own journey to follow but there comes a point where working out of a spare bedroom or garage isn’t enough. This is where Venture X becomes the answer to the business owner’s questions about growing the business in...

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Member Spotlight – Glen Mair December 09, 2019

Member Spotlight – Glen Mair

Coworking offices are an innovative way for growing businesses to establish their presence in a professional setting without the long-term commitment required when buying or leasing an office space. Additionally, coworking spaces are ready to go...

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Member Spotlight – Imagine Communications October 29, 2019

Member Spotlight – Imagine Communications

Venture X offers flexible coworking spaces that provide a comfortable place to work while providing opportunities for networking and growing your business in a professional environment. Additionally, we offer perks that any business professional...

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Member Spotlight – Michael Ostrow September 19, 2019

Member Spotlight – Michael Ostrow

Coworking gives businesses the chance to grow into their space without the usual pressure of a long-term lease. Coworking at Venture X means businesses can take advantage of the professional network within their location while also enjoying the many...

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Member Spotlight – Eli Goins August 28, 2019

Member Spotlight – Eli Goins

Venture X’s flexible coworking office space allows companies to establish their presence with office space that works for them but without the commitment or hassle of leasing an office and setting it up to be functional (i.e., buying...

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Member Spotlight – Paul Stubblefield July 29, 2019

Member Spotlight – Paul Stubblefield

Venture X’s flexible coworking office space offers perks that all professionals will appreciate. Startups, entrepreneurs, small- and medium-sized firms as well as many freelancers have found Venture X to be the right place to work on growing...

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Member Spotlight – Heather Tomlin June 24, 2019

Member Spotlight – Heather Tomlin

Flexible workspaces are becoming more and more popular with businesses of all sizes.  Venture X’s coworking spaces offer unique amenities and is the perfect solution for those looking for a professional office space that can grow with...

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Member Spotlight – Chris & Lindsey Castillo May 24, 2019

Member Spotlight – Chris & Lindsey Castillo

Coworking spaces have become the new workspace solution for businesses of all sizes in cities around the world. They offer amenities that are attractive to members and most importantly, they offer flexibility for businesses that may need additional...

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Member Spotlight – Aditya Varanasi April 30, 2019

Member Spotlight – Aditya Varanasi

Venture X's flexible workspace options give businesses of all sizes an opportunity to find what works for them. Today, businesses across many industries are finding that coworking is a great way for them to network with other businesses in a space...

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Member Spotlight - Marc Meyer April 03, 2019

Member Spotlight - Marc Meyer

Venture X's premium coworking spaces offer the flexibility that many startups, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses as well as many freelancers need in terms of their workspace. Marc Meyer, a Digital Marketer/Strategist/Consultant for...

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Member Spotlight - Trinh Tran February 27, 2019

Member Spotlight - Trinh Tran

If you're looking for flexibility with your business's workspace, Venture X's coworking spaces offer a great opportunity for startups and businesses in the growing phase that are not ready to commit to a long-term lease. Coworking spaces at Venture...

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Member Spotlight – Cody Cole Brown January 31, 2019

Member Spotlight – Cody Cole Brown

Flexible workspaces are popping everywhere but Venture X's coworking spaces offer businesses amenities unlike any other. When a new business is getting off the ground, Venture X offers a budget-friendly home for businesses across countless...

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