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Large companies and corporations are seeing the benefits of a coworking environment for their employees. Studies show that the shared community and the inspiring exchange of fresh ideas help employees work out solutions faster than in traditional offices, in addition to creating a welcoming environment that motivates workers. Many corporations and large companies are thinking outside the cubicle, looking at the people in their organizations and figuring out how to generate updated workspaces that optimize employee performance.

Venture X brings its welcoming, open upscale design to your corporate image

Venture X offers corporations and large companies as much space as they need to provide their teams with an optimal workspace. Whether you are in need of a satellite office, a large, private office for a team, multiple private offices or an entire floor of a building, Venture X will work with you to design a space that motivates and inspires your employees to do their best work.

Meeting Room

Designing with your needs in mind

Venture X can design larger spaces to meet your corporate needs, with:

  • Business class printers, scanners, and other office machines
  • High-speed, fiber Internet
  • Conference rooms with state-of-the-art audio/visual technology to accommodate training areas and presentations
  • Full line of office supplies and mailing materials
Common Area

Common spaces that connect people

In your corporate build-out or whole floor space configuration, strategically located common areas make a difference. Unlike just a break room in a traditional office space, Venture X designs spaces where employees can meet and exchange ideas organically.

  • Café-style break areas where your employees can spontaneously interact with each other.
  • Casually elegant common areas work well as lounging or waiting areas and feel like the lobby of a boutique hotel.

Your corporate office coworking space also includes a community manager that handles members’ requests in addition to presenting and managing events. Our Venture X corporate coworking space memberships also include access to all Venture X locations worldwide, along with all of the amenities you’ve come to expect from Venture X coworking spaces.

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