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Can you explain coworking space pricing?

Coworking spaces vary from city to city in terms of layout, amenities and size. Prices also vary with respect to which plan you opt into at Venture X coworking spaces. Dedicated desk plans at Venture X consist of an workspace with a file cabinet, where you work every day, but is not enclosed like a private office. Flexible spaces, hot desks, or shared desk plans are less expensive than dedicated desks. These plans allow you to work at any open space, every day with access to conference rooms at Venture X member rates. For traveling business professionals who need a place to work for the day or for people who need to work out of the office or away from home once a month, community plans are an affordable option.  Private offices offer coworkers at Venture X a lockable space to work out of every day with pricing varying by location. 

At Venture X, coffee, tea, and water are complimentary. Several other factors that affect the price of a coworking space include the amenities offered, security, and access. When selecting a coworking space, keep in mind the features and amenities offered at Venture X such as business-class office equipment including printers and scanners, super-fast Internet, networking opportunities, cleaning service, and comfortable, well-appointed community areas with Herman Miller furnishings.

Venture X also includes educational and promotional events that help members connect to their coworking community and the local business community at large. Contact your local Venture X location to learn more about plan pricing and what’s included at Venture X.

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