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Do all Venture X spaces offer flexible terms?

All Venture X locations offer flexible monthly terms – one of the main differences between traditional commercial office leases and shared office spaces/coworking models. Initially, after the Great Recession, small and medium-size businesses began to turn to flexible shared office spaces and coworking spaces as a way to minimize overhead costs of leasing, setting up, and maintaining their own office spaces. Traditional commercial office leases lock businesses into multi-year contracts and available commercial leases in reputable neighborhoods proved prohibitively expensive to startups and small- to medium-size businesses. Additionally, flexible shared office spaces/coworking spaces grew in popularity due to the turnkey opportunities that allowed businesses to go to work with everything they needed during a workday, including some unique perks and amenities. This also allowed business owners to focus on their core business values, instead of wasting their talent’s valuable time on running and maintaining an office. Venture X’s flexible monthly terms allow growing companies to scale up from virtual office contracts and shared desk contracts for individual employees that need a place to work each day to dedicated desk contracts for teams that don’t need a lot of privacy or private office spaces for growing companies that need some privacy for sensitive operations. Venture X can accommodate any number of configurations for workspace needs as your company expands to its next level of success. Corporations are taking advantage of Venture X’s flexible terms for remote workers to work each day and for teams working on a specific project for a specified amount of time. If your business involves a significant amount of traveling, Venture X offers members access to community areas in all locations worldwide to provide a proper place to work for a day or as long as your business keeps you on the road.

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