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How do you reserve a conference room?

Reserving a conference room at Venture X can be as simple as visiting our website and reaching out to the Community Manager for the location that works best for you or booking the meeting online for the desired location. Our locations can be found in major cities across the country and have been professionally designed to maximize function and inspire all who enter them. Once you have reserved your conference room online, you will be contacted by the Community Manager to review all of your group’s specific needs – everything from the audio-visual equipment you might need and the documents you may need to print in preparation for the meeting to discussing options for catering during your event. Depending on the number of attendees and activities you have planned for your meeting, you may want to ask about using some of our additional spaces such as outside areas or our on-site café and lounges. At Venture X, our staff can walk you through bringing in special equipment, such as pop-up banners and posters, you might need to use for product launches or training sessions. Our resourceful Community Managers are available to address any other questions or concerns you may have about your conference room reservation, such as setting up materials before your meeting, parking options for attendees, cleaning protocols, etc. The goal is to help your meeting go off without a hitch when you reserve a conference room at any Venture X location. Contact Venture X today to tour our conference rooms or reserve one for your next business meeting.

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