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How do your membership agreements work?

Venture X membership agreements work on a flexible monthly basis. Depending on your business needs, you can opt for the plan that works for you now and change your membership agreement when your business begins to expand to its next level of success. It’s as simple as it sounds – no contracts or leases, you tell us what you need month to month.

For individuals and businesses just starting or who don’t need an office to work out of every day, Venture X’s virtual office plans offer your business a professional boost with a prestigious address, mail handling services, and an upscale place to meet with clients when needed.  As a Venture X member, virtual office members are included in community events. Enhanced virtual office memberships also include: 

  • Live receptionist answering service
  • Free day pass
  • Improved SEO with local professional business address
  • Private office and conference room rentals at member rates

For the business professional who travels for work or individuals who need an occasional space to work, our community plan provides the optimal solution, including a one day pass to Venture X common areas per month. The common area includes the lounge, reception area, and café areas. Community memberships also include:

  • Access to the Venture X member community
  • Access to additional day passes
  • Conference room rentals at member rates

For the business professional that needs a full-time space to work and enjoys the camaraderie of working around other business professionals each day, shared desk memberships allow you to get down to work at any open desk space. In addition to desk access, members also have access to common areas and member events. Shared desk memberships also include:

  • Access to the in-person and online member community
  • Additional day passes
  • Common area access to Venture X locations worldwide
  • Conference room rentals at member rates

For business professionals that work remotely, freelancers, and other business owners who want the convenience and comfort of their own space to work in every day, but also like to work in the common area, dedicated desk members enjoy 24/7 access to a fixed space that includes an ergonomic chair and a filing cabinet. Dedicated desk memberships also include:

  • Live and on-line access to the member community
  • Professional business address
  • Conference room rentals at member rates
  • Inclusion in Venture X events

For those professionals who want the privacy of an enclosed office but also like the community atmosphere, Venture X private office memberships offer enclosed offices, with a floor to ceiling, insulated, glass wall facing out on the community area, and three interior privacy walls. Ideal for growing businesses, private office members can work on sensitive projects, while creating a sense of autonomy within the larger community. Private office memberships also include:

  • 24/7 access to a lockable office
  • Accommodation for one to ten members
  • Access to the member community and in-person and online member directory
  • Professional business address
  • Fully furnished with a dedicated full-time desk and an ergonomic chair
  • Conference room hours

Venture X also offers members access to community areas in all locations worldwide making it easy to work when you’re traveling. Contact us if you have questions about our membership agreements.

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