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How does a coworking space work?

Coworking spaces function on a monthly membership basis. Businesses and individuals choose the type of membership that fits their business needs. For some professionals, such as tech startups and freelancers who don’t need a place to work every day, a plan that gives these members access to their coworking facility several times a week or month might be just the right plan. For others, who need a daily spot for work, away from their homes, a flexible monthly plan fits perfectly. For other teams that may need to work together in the same place each day for several months at a time, a dedicated space offers a semi-private work environment. For businesses that wish to rent an entire office they can lock, private offices are available. In some coworking spaces, larger companies can relocate their offices to an entire floor of a coworking space for the community benefits. These benefits range from attending the events hosted at your coworking company, cleaning and maintenance services, access to a network of members, as well as access to dining and community areas.

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