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Is coworking a professional solution for my business?

Coworking can be the ideal professional solution for most businesses. Whether you need a full-time place for you and your staff to work in a private, lockable office or you need to meet once a week in a conference room setting or you just need a prestigious, professional address for your business, coworking spaces offer flexible monthly plans that can accommodate your needs. Large companies can also transition to a coworking space or use coworking spaces for their remote teams to work out of, instead of investing in a regional office lease that your company will be required to maintain for years despite economic downturns or growth beyond the boundaries of your leased space.

Some coworking spaces cater to more of the social networking aspects of flexible, shared office space models that taunt the creative and collaborative nature of their spaces. Some of these types of coworking spaces have garnered coworking spaces a reputation as full-time hipster hangouts with numerous distractions that may be counteractive to growing a business. However, other coworking spaces, such as Venture X locations are designed to help grow your business, with flexible monthly contracts that save expanding companies the expense and time investment required to lease commercial spaces, in respectable neighborhoods. Long term commercial leases in respectable neighborhoods are reaching prohibitive levels, with significant labor and equipment overheads to maintain. Coworking spaces, such as  Venture X offer well-appointed, contemporary office space surroundings, with an upscale boutique hotel lobby feel, and feature turnkey solutions that allow small- to medium-sized companies to focus on core company initiatives, such as product research and development, as well as data analysis and sales forecasts. Venture X also offers the perks to make your workday as comfortable as possible.

Working among other business professionals facing similar challenges and triumphs, Venture X communities are geared towards your business exceeding its business goals, rather than fixating on the social aspects of coworking. That’s not to say that Venture X coworking spaces lack the community aspect of other coworking spaces, it’s merely that the focus is more on growing your business, than on the social aspect of your business. Our networking events and other community events allow you to connect with others with similar professional interests.

If you’re looking for a professional office space solution for your business, we invite you to take a tour of a Venture X location near you.

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