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What are the benefits of coworking?

Coworking has been a game-changer for not just small- and medium-sized businesses but all businesses over the last decade.  Now, due in a large part to the benefits coworking offers over traditional office settings, co-working is even more popular. Beyond improved productivity ratings, the increased happiness members report, the social networking aspect, and the potential for collaboration coworking spaces embody, coworking spaces offer flexible monthly contracts that allow your business to easily scale up or down, depending on your needs. Also, these flexible monthly contracts can save businesses a great deal of money because there is no need to commit to lengthy commercial office leases that lock your business into a space that can’t grow with your business. Coworking spaces also enhance your business by providing it with a prestigious address in a good neighborhood, that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive for most growing businesses to support.

Along with the savings associated with expanding your business, coworking spaces offer businesses turnkey office solutions that allow businesses to start working immediately, forgoing the expense and the time consumed by initially setting up and then maintaining your own office. Coworking space benefits include having everything you need to grow your business each day, at your fingertips, instead of incurring significant expenses by installing and maintaining office equipment, state-of-the-art technology, and super fast Internet in their own commercial space. Another perk associated with coworking revolves around the fact that the amenities businesses need during a workday are provided by the coworking space, such as coffee, tea, and filtered water. Coworking spaces also provide cleaning services, as well.

Connected to a pool of talent, coworking spaces accelerate the hiring process for expanding businesses and also provide a wealth of independent contractors for services your company needs, such as marketing, website development, photography, legal services, and much more. An important intangible benefit of coworking spaces centers on connecting to the local business community at large in creating more exposure for your brand and building relationships that motivate members to realize their business goals.

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