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What are the types of flexible workspaces?

Flexible workspaces can be referred to as shared office spaces, coworking spaces, flexible shared office spaces, or serviced offices. These flexible workspaces consist of several plans or tiers according to the amount of privacy and/or frequency you need to work in these spaces. Based on memberships, these plans include:

  • Community
    Community plans offer remote workers and small business owners a place to work away from their homes or offices. Traveling professionals can also benefit from a place to work while on the road. Community plans include one day of access to common areas per month, with additional day passes available on request. Community plans also include access to the lounge, reception area, dining areas, and the member community. Meeting rooms are available at member rates with Community plans. 
  • Shared Desks
    Shared Desks, also known as “hot desks,” offer members a full-time space to work in a community setting on a first-come, first-serve basis. In a recent trend, “desk hoteling” offers members at some coworking spaces the ability to reserve places ahead of time through an app. Some shared workspaces, such as Venture X offer members the flexibility that fits their needs, such as one day per week, several days per week, a couple of times per month, and so on. Shared desk members also have access to reception areas and dining areas, in addition to meeting room hours at discounted member pricing.
  • Dedicated Desks
    Dedicated Desk plans give you a fixed place to work every day, with 24/7 secure access to your flexible workspace. In addition to your own desk, Dedicated Desk plans include an ergonomic chair and a lockable filing cabinet. With access to the common areas, Dedicated Desk members enjoy amenities such as all-day complimentary beverages and snacks, along with access to your flex workspace community and additional day passes. Meeting rooms are available at member prices, as well.
  • Private Office
    Private Office plans give you the privacy you need to work each day, with the benefits of the community environment just outside your lockable office. Offering a sense of autonomy within a larger community, your teams can work on projects involving sensitive information in an upscale, fully furnished office, that includes a desk, an ergonomic chair, and a lockable filing cabinet. With visual privacy and soundproofing, most private offices offer one wall that faces the community, such as Venture X’s floor-to-ceiling glass walls that let in light and are ideal for one to ten team members. With access to common areas, the member community, and amenities, a certain number of meeting room hours are also included in Private Office memberships, as well as a professional mailing address. Additional day passes are available as are extra meeting room hours at member prices.  
  • Virtual Office
    Virtual Office plans are convenient for businesses that do not need an office space to work from but do need a place to meet with clients, when necessary. A professional business address with mail and packaging services offers an upgrade for your brand’s image. Businesses thinking of expanding into new markets can get to know a business community and test the receptivity to products or services in a specific geographic location. Virtual Office plans include a locked, secure mailbox, digital mail scanning, drop off and pick up mail services, access to community events, free day passes, and access to meeting room rental at discounted member prices.
  • Enterprise
    Enterprise plans make an ideal solution for corporations and larger companies wanting to transition into the flexible workspace model. Perfect for satellite and regional offices, some flexible workspaces, such as Venture X, can accommodate larger businesses with entire floors of flexible workspace locations or entire buildings, in the upscale contemporary design Venture X is known for. In addition to the autonomy of your own space, large companies and corporations can save a substantial amount of money avoiding lengthy commercial leases and side-stepping building management responsibilities.

Flexible workspaces come in several types or tiers to suit the needs of any business. If you have any questions about the plans available at Venture X, contact the team at your local Venture X today.

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