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What does a coworking space cost?

Coworking space membership costs at Venture X vary based on the chosen membership plan from location to location. Any coworking membership plan chosen will cost a fraction of the expense involved in leasing or renting an office space in a desirable, up and coming neighborhood and outfitting it with the necessary office and conference room furniture, office equipment (i.e., phones, computers, printers, copiers, etc.), office supplies and all of the amenities (i.e., coffee, super-fast Internet, cleaning service, etc.) offered at Venture X coworking spaces.

Coworking space costs at Venture X are based on the type of plan and go from community memberships at a lower cost to private office membership plans. The flexibility of monthly coworking space memberships allows members to change their plans as their businesses grow as opposed to leasing an office space for a year or more without the option to change the size of the space if the business experiences sudden growth. On the Enterprise level, large companies are contracting Venture X to design whole floors and buildings for them to work in. Contact your local Venture X location to schedule a tour and learn about membership plans and rates at the location most convenient for your business.

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