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What does “flexible” mean as it relates to flexible office space?

In flexible office space terms, “flexible” refers to several things. In the big picture, flexible shared spaces offer members a choice of areas to work in, in Community areas (such as the lounge, dining areas, patios, etc.) as well as private spaces designated in membership agreements. Venture X’s membership contracts are based on monthly agreements allowing you to scale your business’s workspace to accommodate your business’s changing needs. Flexibility, in this case, means that you can add or remove community memberships for employees that only need to work occasionally, shared desk spaces for additional full-time workers, dedicated desk spaces for teams that need to work in a fixed spot every day, and/or additional private office spaces when your day-to-day business needs grow beyond your private office space and ongoing projects involve sensitive information that requires more privacy. All in all, this means that you can grow your business without feeling cramped in a traditional long-term commercial lease. “Flexible” in terms of shared office space also means that large companies and corporations can rent shared workspaces for remote teams and individuals, instead of spending money to open and operate regional offices. Some large businesses are finding the benefits of renting flexible shared spaces for remote teams outweigh the expense involved in flying employees in from remote locations and putting them up in hotels for weeks at a time. Instead, project managers from corporate locations can meet with remote teams in person or via virtual meetings in fully equipped on-site conference rooms. Additionally, Venture X members enjoy the flexibility of working at any Venture X location worldwide.

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