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What is the difference between Venture X and other coworking spaces?

The difference between Venture X and other coworking spaces is that Venture X communities tend to attract professionals that are focused on continued growth, rather than startups and entrepreneurial ventures that are considered social playgrounds for young entrepreneurs. This difference is attributed in part to the evolution of coworking spaces since 2005 when software engineer Brad Neuberg coined the term “coworking space” for his San Francisco Coworking Space at Spiral Muse. Neuberg  wanted the “freedom and independence of working for myself along with the structure and community of working with others.”

Originally, coworking spaces appealed to tech startups, independent contractors, and mostly millennial entrepreneurs, who rejected the idea of the traditional office space, in place of starting their own businesses. As the popularity of coworking spaces grew, this office model began to appeal to remote workers from a broad range of industries who felt isolated working from home and yearned for an improved life/work balance in their lives. Small businesses and startups working at venues such as Venture X realized that they could continue to grow their businesses in this upscale, boutique office environment due to the affordable, flexible monthly contracts and turnkey office model, in addition to the community connection inherent in coworking spaces.

This paradigm shift for small- and medium-sized businesses to grow in place, as opposed to striking out on their own, strengthened community bonds and set a precedent for more sophisticated, flexible, shared office spaces tailored to a more established small- and medium-sized business membership. Today, as large companies and corporations are moving into coworking spaces at the Enterprise level, it’s conceivable that some of the small- and medium-sized businesses that have grown up in coworking spaces will want to move into an Enterprise agreement.  Enterprise agreements allow large companies to span an entire floor of a coworking space or an entire building.

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