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What is virtual office address?

A virtual office address refers to a membership plan in a coworking space that establishes a professional mailing address for businesses or individuals, hence a virtual office address. Ideal for businesses and individuals that don’t really need a physical, brick and mortar address, but need a place to occasionally receive mail and meet staff or clients periodically. This gives them the prestige of an office with minimal cost while projecting their business in a professional light.

For business professionals that work from home, a virtual office address separates your home address from your business address. Promoting a more professional profile for your business. Having a virtual address also safeguards your home business and your loved ones from unwanted or unexpected visitors. A virtual office address, part of a virtual office membership plan, also includes mail handling and processing while connecting you with your coworking community. Business professionals can take advantage of their virtual office address to meet with customers and potential clients in a convenient upscale location with all the amenities needed to make a great impression.

Some businesses opt for a virtual office address in order to establish their businesses regionally and grow their brands. A virtual office address gives you access to coworking spaces in locations other than your home base, in order to expand your brand’s footprint. Day passes are available for common areas in coworking spaces that help your business when traveling or simply need to use more space than comes with your plan. Conference and meeting rooms are available at member rates for virtual office plan members, as well.

Starting out with a virtual office plan can help you get a feel for a coworking space before you move up into other membership plans that scale with you as your business expands. At Venture X, our virtual office address situates you in stylish, design-forward locations you’ll like as your professional business address.

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