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What makes a coworking space successful?

A number of factors go into making a coworking space successful. A great location, usually in a business district or in downtown areas, is important. There are often a variety of dining, entertainment and shopping venues in the neighborhood.

The coworking space itself needs to feel welcoming, stylish, and professional with comfortable reception and lounge areas that promote networking and collaboration. Another factor that makes a coworking space successful is that it features flexible, monthly memberships with a variety of different size workspaces available.

  • Community workspace for traveling professionals who need a place to work while in town.
  • Shared desks where members can choose any open space to set up shop for the day.
  • Dedicated desks which are permanent, semi-private spaces, for full-time members.
  • Private offices that offer a permanent working space that is fully equipped and lockable.

diverse community with a variety of businesses and individuals representing a broad spectrum of industries is also key to a successful coworking space. The community atmosphere offers opportunities for networking with like-minded professionals. Social events allow members to connect with one another.

Ultimately, a successful coworking space offers concierge-level service from community managers and a variety of amenities such as complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water, along with super-fast Internet, business-class office machines, plus fully equipped conference rooms. Some plans include conference room hours with additional hours available at member pricing. At Venture X, we offer everything you need to start working to grow your business and more from the moment you become a member.

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