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What makes a good office space?

A good office space, for many people, consists of an environment that inspires you to do your best work. A study by the Harvard Business Review showed that people working in coworking spaces said that they were excited about going to work in the company of other business professionals with similar obstacles and goals, citing increased productivity and a creative atmosphere that inspired collaboration. Access to reliable, fast Internet, business-class machines, and an array of perks including all-day coffee, tea, and water also factor into the elements that make a good office space.

Coworking spaces have changed the shape of the office landscape by offering all of these things, along with flexible monthly contracts that let you easily scale your business to meet your growing needs. Also, a good office space should be located in a reputable neighborhood, with a prestigious address that enhances your business’s image. Venture X franchises are located in or near business districts and industrial complexes that are close to popular dining, entertainment, and shopping venues across the country. Flexible monthly memberships make for a good office solution as they don’t keep you in a state of stress, worrying about paying an exorbitant long-term commercial lease that may or may not fit your business’s growth or might be more space than you need during economic downturns. Working among a diverse community of other like-minded business professionals is another element that makes for a good office space. The community aspect of coworking spaces allows Venture X members to stay connected to other members of their communities. These fellow members are great opportunities for partnerships as you all work towards growing your businesses.

A good office space is one that physically and emotionally inspires you, in upscale surroundings with everything you need to grow your business at your fingertips. If you are interested in setting up a tour, contact the Venture X location closest to you, or take a virtual tour.

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