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What should a meeting room have?

Meeting room rentals should be centrally located and easy to get to with access to public transportation and/or parking available nearby or on-site. Meeting rooms should have an on-site contact person for the day of the meeting that can address any potential issues that may come up. The contact person could also help with greeting attendees and helping them navigate an unfamiliar space. Professional meeting rooms should feel open and inviting with windows that offer options for privacy, on the interior and exterior walls, if possible, so meeting attendees don’t feel cramped. Meeting rooms should have a professional atmosphere with ergonomic business furnishings and several high-tech tools available to facilitate speakers or presenters. These include fully-functioning audio-visual tools to facilitate glitch-free meetings such as interactive, high-def TVs, phones with conferencing tools, and reliable high-speed Internet as well as access to best-in-class business equipment including copiers, scanners, and printers. Meeting rooms need to be able to function for in-person as well as virtual meetings so proper lighting, cameras, and audio equipment need to be available. Easily accessible power outlets and charging stations for everyone attending the meeting should be available. Kitchen space with coffee, tea, and water available for meeting attendees and connections with an outside catering service being made available would be seen as a bonus. A professional meeting room should be selected according to the number of attendees that will be present and the activities that are planned for the meeting. Some groups may need space for breakout sessions so this should also be considered.

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