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Who uses coworking spaces?

The short answer is coworking can and does work for a variety of industries and postitions. More specifically, professionals from a vast array of industries, from individuals or freelancers to small- to medium-sized businesses to large companies are finding coworking to be a great solution for their needs. Large corporations are getting into the act, contracting coworking space companies, such as Venture X, to develop floors of business spaces, as well as entire buildings with the coworking community environment in their design. For the affordable rates of coworking space memberships, remote corporate teams can work together in well-appointed spaces for the length of a project or use the space as an office whenever needed.

A diverse group of business professionals inhabit Venture X coworking spaces today. The popularity of coworking spaces is in part due to the different industries and businesses represented by a coworking space’s membership. Independent law firms and healthcare professionals share a workspace with tech and IT companies, marketing firms, freelance photographers, web designers, copywriters, and many other professionals. Fitness and healthcare publishers, along with independent financial services professionals, and restaurant owners also use coworking spaces. Schedule a tour of your Venture X location and learn more about who’s in it to win it in your community.

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