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Why coworking spaces work?

Coworking spaces work because business professionals, as well as most folks, work better in the company of other like-minded professionals than they do in isolation. In theory, coworking spaces developed out of the need for remote workers, tech startups, and other work-from-home professionals to separate their home lives from their work lives. In addition to relieving symptoms of isolation and improving work-life balance, business professionals who joined coworking spaces found that the energy and camaraderie of coworking spaces motivated them towards success more than working alone. A healthy competitive nature motivates some people to perform at a higher level when working alongside other business owners who are working towards the same goals. For many coworking members, feeling like part of a community adds value to their lives by improving their outlook on life. Many coworking business owners say they have increased the size of their networks exponentially due to the nature of coworking spaces. Some people feel more in control of their businesses in coworking spaces, rather than like a small cog in a big wheel in a traditional office space. Coworking space members stay engaged with growing their businesses more than employees in a traditional office space who sometimes feel detached from their part in a big picture.

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