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"Coworking Spaces vs. Home Office: The Ultimate Productivity Face-Off"

September 28, 2023

Ready for the boxing match of the century? 

Picture this. 

On one side, we have the reigning champion: The Home Office - cozy, convenient, and complete with a fridge full of snacks. 

On the other side, the rising challenger: The Coworking Space - sleek, social, and serving up the strongest coffee in town. It's a clash of the Titans in the ultimate productivity face-off. 

Who will take home the gold? Let's find out.

Working from home, once a rare privilege, has become the new normal for many amid the global pandemic. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, prior to the pandemic, just 20% of employed adults worked from home. In 2023, that number shot up to 71%, with 54% wanting to continue this post-pandemic.

On the flip side, we have coworking spaces. Despite taking a temporary hit during the pandemic, they're bouncing back with a vengeance. A study by CoworkingResources predicts a 21.3% annual growth rate in coworking spaces worldwide from 2021 to 2024.

Opposed to a traditional office with rigid rules, both work form home and coworking seem like the top choice for most professionals. But putting the statistics aside, we wanted to understand where remote workers, freelancers, and business owners feel their most productive. 

Let round one of the ultimate match up begin:

Working from Home

In the home office corner, we've got comfort and convenience. No commuting, no distractions from chatty colleagues over at the coffee bar, and a fully customizable environment. Want to work from the couch in your pajamas? Sounds good! Take your all-hands meeting from your bed? Even better. 

On the downside, working from home can get lonely and often feels isolating. Some days, the only conversations you have from 9-5 is with the local barista if you happen to get out of the house and get coffee. The boundary between work and personal life also often gets blurry, leading to potential burnout as employees eat their breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the same spot they take daily meetings. 

Working from a Coworking Space

In the coworking corner, the name of the game is social interaction, structure, and inspiration. It's a hotspot for networking and professional development, and the shift in environment can boost inspiration. The con? Although you're likely working in a state-of-the-art space that exudes a modern and sophisticated ambiance with free coffee on tap, you may happen to have a short commute and likely won't be wearing your onesie PJ set to work. 

But let's not rely on theory alone. We've rounded up a few professionals who've spent rounds in both rings. 

Meet Sarah, a freelance journalist for one of the top media publications in the United States. She enjoyed the comfort of working from home but found her productivity took a hit. "Being a writer, I love the peace and quiet of working from home. I can feel "in the writers zone" for hours on end. But some days, I’m embarrassed to say that I find myself working in pajamas at 3 p.m., having done little work," she admits. Once she switched to a coworking space, she said her productivity became more steady from day to day and still has quiet nooks of the office to write in. 

Then we have Raj, a software developer for an up and coming AI platform, who relished the quiet solitude of his home office, ideal for his intense coding sessions. But he missed the camaraderie of an office environment. Lunch with coworkers, happy hours when 5 o’clock hits. His solution? A blend of both a home office and coworking membership. He now uses coworking spaces a couple of days a week for meetings and collaborative work.

Choosing your Champion

Psychologists and productivity experts believe that the best choice depends on individual needs. According to Dr. Emma Seppälä, a psychologist and lecturer at Yale School of Management, "Some people need quiet to concentrate, while others thrive in a buzzing environment."

So when it comes to choosing your champion, several factors come into play. Consider your work nature, personal productivity patterns, need for social interaction, and budget.

The winner of this face-off isn't as clear-cut as a 100-meter race. The champion depends on YOU - your work style, preferences, and needs. Whether you're a home office hero or a coworking conqueror, remember that the ultimate goal is to ensure productivity and well-being. So choose your champion wisely, and let the productivity games begin!

No matter if you want your own office space to come to everyday, a dedicated desk to work from 3 days per week, or just want to drop in once per month, Venture X has something for every type of professional.