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Venture X West Palm Beach - Rosemary Square

700 S. Rosemary Ave, Suite 204
West Palm Beach, FL 33401


The Space

Start every day with a fresh cup of coffee while you network with other members in our flexible workspace space designed with productivity in mind. Our space is outfitted with premium furniture, common areas suited for lounging and relaxed conversation including a café, as well as our well-equipped meeting and conference rooms.

Membership Pricing

Venture X West Palm Beach - Rosemary Square can work with your growing business to find what suits your needs now and in the future. From private office space to shared desks to virtual office space to meeting rooms and corporate event space, Venture X has it all.


Starting at $40.00/mo

Virtual Office

Starting at $29.99/mo

Shared Desk

Starting at $325.00/mo

Dedicated Desk

Starting at $525.00/mo

Private Office

Starting at $625.00/mo

Meeting Rooms Book Now

Small Meeting Room

(Member Rate) $25.00/hr

Medium Meeting Room

(Member Rate) $45.00/hr

Large Meeting Room

(Member Rate) $50.00/hr

Perks & Amenities

24/7 Keycard Access
Café & Lounge
Cleaning Service
Closed-Circuit TV Cameras
Networking Events
Copy/Print Services
Onsite Community Staff
Event Space
Fiber Internet
Free Gourmet Coffee/Tea
Free Snacks
Catered Meals
High-Tech Meeting Rooms
Mail Service
Member Discounts
Phone Booths
Premium Furniture
Work from all Venture X Locations

Member Testimonials

"I love this place. Everyone is fantastic professional, friendly and very helpful. Highly recommend."

– Orlando A

"Great coworking space in a prime location in Rosemary Square.   Ideally located within walking distance to the Convention Center (Right across the street) and close to restaurants and shops.  Everyone is helpful and extremely accommodating."

– D

"Amazing place to focus and work...."

– Big Star Moving a West Palm Beach moving c

"this place and these people are really amazing. hi-bandwidth free internet is such a great feature to have these days, and i totally apprecaite their generosity with letting me work outside early this morning without having to sweat a fast connection...bravo for not sucking Venture X!"

– mark e

"Really unique work space solution. Attended a nice networking event."

– Rebecca G

"Venture X - my second home for the last year. I used to walk by once a week on my leisurely stroll through Rosemary Square, hoping that I could one day open an office here. On the day I knew I could finally make my dream a reality, I walked in and was immediately greeted by the sweetest and most hospitable ladies, Jourdan and Dariana. Their cheerful grins and accommodating demeanors put me at ease and reminded me of why this office is my dream spot. My goal as a clinician is to de-stigmatize mental health services by reframing it to "brain health," and Venture X and their Rosemary Square Team help me continue this conversation by being so gentile and authentic with my clients and not making them feel "less than." My clients also love this spot for it's laid back vibe and comfortable lounge area. Not only are the employees great, but so is the community. I have been able to connect with other professionals and value our time together during happy hour every other Friday. I know I will look back on these days and smile, knowing that while I was building my business, I was also building lifelong friendships. So, Thank you Venture X, for creating an amazing space for my business to grow personally and professionally."

– Carly L

"Absolutely love this place! Please come visit in business hours"

– Anastasiia H

"loved this place. used for a remote village for TV shoot in Vancouver (the COVID thing). people, cleanliness, atmosphere all top notch. Will be back for meetings (when getting big work done requires OOO) and more."

– R T

"I love working with you guys, always a pleasure."

– Anas N

"Venture X is the BEST part of Rosemary Square - hands down! Our team has been working out of Venture X since February 2020 and, in this time, we have made more meaningful connections than we could even begin to count. All of the events, workshops, and members here are enjoyable, informative, and impactful. Jourdan and Dariana have done an amazing job bringing the community together while maintaining a clean, safe, and pleasant environment to work from every day. We are forever grateful for this space and the value it has brought to all of West Palm Beach!"

– Wolfe A

"VentureX - Rosemary Square, is and amazingly beautiful coworking space. It is laid out to deliver optimal relaxation and professional atmosphere. The staff is great, always accommodating and and the community manager, Joshua, is professional, courteous and friendly. Joshua and the staff are always looking for ways to improve the place and are always available if you need assistance. Definitely check out the place."

– Maicol O

"Exceptional customer service, people, staff, and overall experience is unforgettable. Also they let me ride my scooter around so that's a PLUS..."

– German R

"Man this place is like paradise."

– Ed R

"Amazing atmosphere, exceptionally professional and and energizing space."

– Rodney H

"Nice location, filler offices, amazing venue, friendly receptionist."

– Linda C

"I challenge you to find a better place to work. The perfect location. Great staff. Excellent networking opportunities. Josh and Jordan will make you feel at home. You absolutely cannot beat their month to month no commitment leases. You will not find that anywhere else. Other co-working places will lock you into a 6 month commitment at minimum. They have an unbeatable community membership for $99 a month that is great for students or early stage companies looking for a replacement for working in a library or coffee shop. Also, Community Happy Hour with free drinks every other Friday. It basically pays for itself."

– Michael B

"Bonito , un poco costoso."

– Alexa B

"After a complimentary day pass, I'm going to join. Reasonable price for coworking space for the location."

– Tom Krwawecz I

"First class facility. Josh is exceptional. He's responsive to our requests and always positive. I recommend both Venture X - Rosemary Square and Josh highly."

– Edwin L

"It was so a beautiful place to film and the owners were so nice to let us use it for the day☺️☺️"

– Alexa K

"An amazing place to work, learn and be motivated by other like-minded entrepreneurs."

– Joshua S

"This is the most dynamic community of workplaces in the West Palm Beach area. The location is great and the space is charming but what I love MOST about it is the community of professionals that interact there at a daily basis. They are constantly hosting educational and networking events to serve the community. My business has significantly grown because of it. The attention and care of the staff is outstanding. They are so welcoming and dedicated to their members. Joshua Shronce and Jourdan Przybyla are amazing. Love coming to Venture X!!!"

– Carolina Marin M

"Working on the new carpet tiles."

– b d

"Switching from Regus. Amazing concept. Very hip, very user friendly. Loved the lay out."

– daniel de L

"Excellent facilities and staff. They have all the luxuries, technology and perfect location we need to operate our business."

– Dan W

"This is a great space. They offer desks by the day or month. I love they do not require lengthy contracts. "

– CJ N

"Yes! The space and hospitality are amazing! JMI hosted a fantastic small business breakfast event this morning and so many of us were super impressed! It’s centrally located in West Palm. I will definitely host business meetings there. Just love it."

– Pamela T

"If you have a work from home lifestyle and need/want office space to break you out of your at home habits or just want to work around like-minded entrepreneurs, I highly recommend Venture X. This place has an amazing startup vibe/energy and is in downtown City Place (soon to be rosemary square?). Very convenient if you have a gym membership at LA Fitness or want to grab a drink or eats in the area. It's the WeWork of West Palm Beach. Excited to see the growth over time."

– Samuel E

"This space is great-- modern and centrally located! The staff is very helpful and ensures that you feel comfortable in your workspace. Would definitely recommend!"

– Justin A

"We are so lucky to have Venture X right in the heart of West Palm Beach. The space has many choices of the workspace that best suits YOU. The staff, particularly Connor, are friendly and super knowledgeable. I cannot wait to see you all at the upcoming Lunch & Learns!"

– Maritza C

"Where can I start I’ve been wanting a space at this location since they opened and I finally made the move on 04/10/19 . Anthony & Josh and the rest of the team are amazing they do seem to care about your startup and your business to help you grow as a business and an individual tbh if my company grows I would stay here no matter how big we get. thank you Venture X happy to be part of this amazing location . #konekbox #wpb #wecanfixthat #repairteam"

– Advisorant

"Where can I start I’ve been wanting a space at this location since they opened and I finally made the move on 04/10/19 . Anthony & Josh and the rest of the team are amazing they do seem to care about your startup and your business to help you grow as a business and an individual tbh if my company grows I would stay here no matter how big we get. thank you Venture X happy to be part of this amazing location . #konekbox #wpb #wecanfixthat #repairteam"

– Christian A

"Such a beautiful space!! The management team and staff are incredible, friendly and just so amazing to work with. We used the space for a small event and it couldn’t have gone anymore smooth thanks to them. Such a convenient location too. Thank you Anthony and Josh!!"

– Val V

"Great office space with modern feel. Glass walls for motivation to get work done. Friendly and helpful staff"

– Rob H

"This is the coworking space I use and it's a lovely spot that's full of smart, professional people. It's a welcoming space where you can get work done."

– Daniel K

"My company hosted its quarterly executive meeting at Venture X City Place this past January 2019. From the moment we walked in, we felt comfortable, attended to, and inspired to meet our objectives. The space was sparkling and designed perfectly. The conference room we used was comfortable and had all the amenities we required to facilitate our meeting. I particularly loved that we had privacy, but we weren't trapped inside a stuffy old board room. The staff was professional, friendly, and accommodating. What a great meeting place!"

– Vonda W

"A great spot for meetings. Professional. Clean. Great vibes."

– Linda T

"I started working at Venture X City Place a month ago and I am very happy with my decision. The experienced team that runs it knows what they are doing. Everything is well organized and efficient. The facility is brand new and the fit-out is first class – with quality furniture creating a very professional environment. I come here to focus on my work and impress my business guests, and Venture X helps make it happen."

– CJ G

"As an employee for a major Engineering Company we are leasing three (3) offices as we wait for our permanent new office to be built out. We are very pleased with the customer service and the professional atmosphere. We are grateful to have such an amazing temporary office to work from."

– Camille R

"I just started working from Venture X 2 weeks ago and I love it!! I have 24/7 access and able to bring clients into a cool workspace with high end furniture. They also have 3 conference rooms included that i can use at anytime. Definitely recommend speaking with Anthony or the girls at front desk.. Thank you for your great service and will def be recommending you to business associates and friends!!"

– Lawrence B

"Great space to work out of. Love having 24/7 access to the office, and really enjoy all of the community events hosted by the team."

– Justin A

"As one of the first members, I heartily endorse Venture X at CityPlace. The space is huge and comfortable. It is both professional and welcoming with every amenity you could need."

– D

"Venture X in City Place is a wonderful space that offers every amenity to suit your office needs. It is handsomely decorated and the management is outstanding!"

– C
Member Testimonial
Member Testimonial
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Venture X West Palm Beach - Rosemary Square

700 S. Rosemary Ave, Suite 204
West Palm Beach, FL 33401


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Venture X West Palm Beach - Rosemary Square Operations Manager - Jourdan Przybyla Jourdan Przybyla Operations Manager
Venture X West Palm Beach - Rosemary Square Community Coordinator - Margaret Homan Margaret Homan Community Coordinator

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