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Why Your Large Team Needs a Coworking Space

September 26, 2022

Have you been looking for a large office for rent to accommodate the needs of your growing team? Look no further! Here at Venture X, we have multiple memberships available to cater to teams of all sizes. We know that teams in different stages of growth have different needs, and we have experience helping firms across industries find the solutions that fit them.


We’re uniquely able to suggest configurations that will accommodate a team that needs to be in the same physical location but not necessarily in the same room. Coworking spaces are also excellent options for companies with remote teams that need a physically proximate and flexible option sporadically over time.

Why Should I Choose Venture X Coworking Spaces?

With flexible lease terms and no long-term contracts, Venture X office spaces offer truly turnkey solutions. We are responsive to the evolving needs of our members when they request a change to their membership and have various large office space options to choose from, which we’ll help you select based on your needs.

Our hospitality-trained staff will skillfully discuss the solutions that will meet your needs today and in the future, and we’ll work with you to refine them as your team and business grow and expand.

Our Enterprise Office Space Membership Is Ideal for Your Team

If you’re looking for a large office for rent for your team, then this membership option is perfect for you. Our Enterprise membership provides solutions to meet your needs and room for collaboration with flexible terms.

Companies looking for coworking spaces can start in one office and grow to a team of 100 within a few days, if not sooner, without committing to all the space they anticipate they will need upfront.

As part of your Enterprise membership, you can leverage an in-house community manager who handles member requests and assists with ensuring your team is successful. Additionally, members can access any Venture X common areas worldwide and utilize our offices and meeting rooms at member rates.

Not sure if this coworking space membership is suitable for your team? We have a wealth of other memberships to offer for your consideration!

Venture X Membership Options

Our professional business settings are ideal for getting your work done, along with the opportunity to collaborate, socialize, and network while we focus on hospitality and cutting-edge technology. Here are some of the memberships we have to offer:

Private Office

The Private Office option is an ideal flexible space solution for growing teams because it provides a sense of autonomy within the larger community.

Dedicated Desk:

With a Dedicated Desk plan, you have the ideal 24/7 workspace you can call your own. Your dedicated desk, which includes an ergonomic chair and a filing cabinet, provides a fixed space for you to work daily.

Shared Desk

Shared Desk space members can choose any open desk to work at and get right down to business on their laptop or tablet. This membership is perfect for those not in need of a private office.

Virtual Office

We have the solution to upgrade your professional image, including a Class A physical address for your virtual business and marketing purposes. You might not need to be in the office daily or perhaps have a business requiring a local address where you offer your services. With our professional virtual offices, you leverage our physical address for the length of your contract.

Community Membership

Community memberships are the way to work smarter and make new, meaningful connections in a professional and luxurious setting. Our polished environment encourages and fosters communication and collaboration from like-minded business professionals, creating an ideal business community.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are available by the hour or day and are ideal for presentations and client meetings: you’ll be pleased to bring your potential clients, current clients, and investors to Venture X. Our fully equipped, professional meeting room spaces can accommodate teams varying in size.

With various membership solutions available, Venture X is the leader of the future of workspaces. Would you like to learn more about what we have available, including close to home? Contact us today to get started and join the community!