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98 Lower Westfield RoadHolyoke, MA 01040(413) 252-8569

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Coworking in Springfield

Perched atop bluffs on the eastern side of the Connecticut River, Springfield, Massachusetts sits at the confluence of the Westfield, Chicopee, and Mill Rivers, at the crossroads of trade routes to Boston, Albany, New York City, and Montreal. Springfield also boasts some of the most fertile soil in the northeastern United States. Founded in 1636, and known as a center for precision manufacturing, Springfield also holds several titles, including “City of Firsts” for the many innovations that originated here, including the first American-English dictionary by Merriam-Webster, Thomas Blanchard’s first horseless car, and the first assembly line, the mass production of vulcanized rubber by Charles Goodyear, the first American gas-powered car by the Duryea Brothers, the first successful motorcycle company – Indian, and many more leaps forward in manufacturing and business.

Also known as “Hoop City,” Jason Naismith invented basketball in Springfield in 1891. Today, Springfield is considered the economic center of western Massachusetts, featuring the Pioneer Valley's largest concentration of manufacturing, banking, legal, and medical groups, as well as the region’s entertainment and retail leader. Considered one of America’s most emerging multicultural markets, Latino businesses are an important sector of Springfield's economy. Springfield hosts the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' largest Fortune 100 company, MassMutual Financial Group as well as the headquarters for Smith & Wesson, the world's largest producer of handguns. Known also as the “Knowledge Corridor,” due to some 25 colleges and universities within a 15-mile radius, Springfield’s highly educated workforce is responsible for numerous well-respected hospitals and healthcare organizations, in addition to a significant number of biotech firms and high-tech centers. In a city known for its firsts, starting a business here seems like the natural thing to do. With so many sectors and opportunities driving Springfield’s economy, it won’t be difficult to find your niche in a city known for innovation and growth.