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Traditional or Coworking: 5 Reasons Coworking Might be a Better Option for Your Startup

March 30, 2018

Starting your own business can be a great way to make your entrepreneurial idea a reality. Lots of startups do not require working from an office so many budding entrepreneurs work from home. While this setup offers many perks, such as savings on business attire, coffee and lunch expenses, it can present awkward scenarios when the time comes to grow your team or meet with potential clients - with your roommate or family living their lives ...

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Tech Companies: Collaboration and Innovation in Coworking Spaces

August 2, 2017

As technology continues to change the way we navigate our lives, our world keeps expanding, while the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices allow increasing flexibility and creativity in the ways we work and play. As those much sought after online commuting and remote working environments have taken their places in the business-as-usual line up, a hybrid of sorts seems to be gaining in popularity as the traditional office is supplemented by shared coworking ...

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5 Reasons Why Venture X in Naples is the Right Coworking Space for Your Business

August 2, 2017

Remember when we all thought it would be the cat's pajamas to ditch the daily commute and the grind and work from home? Sure, saving money on business attire was a definite plus, along with working more flexible hours but, after a while, we started to feel somewhat isolated and missed the hubbub of an office setting along with the sense of community and collaboration you just can't get from emailing and Skyping ...

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How to Make the Most of a Virtual Office

September 28, 2015

There are many benefits to working in a virtual office setting. This flexible office solution allows entrepreneurs and freelance professionals a way to remain productive and efficient without the typical costs associated with traditional office space. The key to remaining effective in your virtual office setting is staying organized, remaining connected, and making use of the provided amenities. Get organized. The first step to making the most of your virtual office space is organizing your ...

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Tips To Run Successful Startups

September 10, 2015

Startups have a lot of moving pieces, but the most successful companies that began as startups have a few things in common – vision, years of hard work, a talented team, and some successful planning. The percentage of startups that fail is high, but with a little preparation and some helpful advice, you can create the ideal conditions for startup success. [lwptoc] Below, we offer some tips for entrepreneurs who want to run a successful startup ...

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Is Working from Home Hurting your Business?

June 25, 2015

Thanks to the today's technology, it is very easy to just telecommunicate than physically commute to work. If you're an entrepreneur, your first thought is that there will be no more time or money wasted on commuting. If you're an established business owner and are considering going completely remote, your first thought might be that your employees might be more motivated. However, despite all the initial perks of working from home, there ...

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How a Co-Working Office Space Can Help Grow Your Business

June 9, 2015

You have tried working from home, but you are having trouble fitting in laundry and cooking between your projects. You think you really need a healthy dose of working outside of your house, so you make your way to the local coffee shop, but looking at everyone coming and going you get depressed in a week. [lwptoc] That, and you are frustrated at the low amount of power outlets the place has to offer. So ...

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What Makes a Great Naples Meeting Room?

May 22, 2015

Whether you need to bring all of your employees together for a major company meeting or hold a meeting with a new, big client for your business, you'll want to make sure the space where this meeting takes place professional. Meeting rooms sound pretty simple; you just need a space that will allow you to gather your guests and talk. [lwptoc] However, having the perfect meeting room can help make a good meeting better ...

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Office Space in Mercato

August 12, 2013

Office Space for your business is just like in Real Estate, location matters! Showing your potential clients that you have a great location can help seal the deal. Not to mention it can help bring in new clients just by having an upscale address. At Venture X, we know it is a large value to all of the companies that rent office space from us because we can provide them with a Mercato address. In ...

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“Why I Love Venture X” - The True Power and Outrageous ROI of Coworking in Naples

June 28, 2013

"Why I Love Venture X" – The True Power and Outrageous ROI of Coworking in Naples A guest blog. Written by Tim Houghten of G-Code Magazine Taking one last look online for office spaces in Southwest Florida before intending to open my own coworking venue, I stumbled upon Venture X. Now I'm a Venture X addict…and here's why… Forget all the regurgitated spam about saving money on brick and mortar office space of ...

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