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Venture X Community membership plan provides an ideal solution for remote workers, digital nomads, or traveling business professionals who needs workplace flexibility and crave an on-demand upscale working environment. The Community membership plan includes access to Venture X common areas, which includes access to the lounge, reception area and café. As a Community Member, you also have access to conference rooms at member rates.

Community Membership Includes:

Access to Common Areas
Access to Member Community
Access to Additional Day Passes
Access to Conference Rooms

Each Venture X is independently owned and operated. Please check with your specific location for details on membership plans and amenities.

Connecting with the Community

Community memberships allow entrepreneurs and remote employees to connect with other business people for networking and collaboration purposes through the use of our:

  • Centrally located café and dining areas
  • Boutique hotel style lounge and reception areas
  • Weekly events and networking opportunities that focus on educational, cultural and entrepreneurial themes

While onsite, our community staff is happy to answer any questions and provide additional information.

Venture X Community plans feature the flexibility to grow as you go and connect with the Venture X Community as you work towards increased exposure for your brand. Community plans allow business owners to feel like they are a part of something...something outstanding.

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