The new normal for businesses are hybrid workspace solutions. The days where companies occupy whole floors in large glass buildings are receding. Coworking offers flexibility and agility for businesses to grow their business when and how they see fit.

But these new workspace solutions demand teams adapt to change. Dynamic managers enjoy the challenge of leading teams to new heights in different environments. Coworking spaces are the future for teams; effectively managing teams is how the next generation of leaders separate themselves.

Build Teams Through Shared Culture

Great teams are diverse. Whether it’s an employee’s background or skillset, this diversity creates friction if unmanaged. Establish the team’s culture at the outset. Embed team-building activities as essential functions. Ignite creativity and watch productivity flourish when team members trust each other. Team building activities could be small gatherings or task-oriented.

Coworking spaces have a built-in community with networking events, business and personal development programing and training to keep members engaged. When coworkers build community around each other in a shared space environment, coworking spaces become cauldrons of innovation.

Encourage Creativity

A manager’s essential function is getting the most out of all team members. Never dismiss any idea because it dissuades others from coming forward. Instead, encourage team members to flesh out seemingly unworkable ideas. World-changing innovations seem impossible at first. Encourage collaboration between team members on promising ideas.

When everyone chases ideas to their endpoints, loyalty to a manager and the business increase. Coworking communities offer a unique environment for businesses to get quality feedback on new products or services from other business professionals and this supportive environment helps foster continued creativity like none other.

Use Technology to Collaborate

Ideas aren’t restricted to business hours anymore. Thanks to technology, the moment of an idea’s conception doubles as the moment of its dissemination. Whether it’s Slack, Gchat, or internal messaging services, the team spirit fostered in coworking spaces extends to online platforms. Especially during the pandemic, technology allows people to be in the loop even when they’re not present.

The right coworking space can offer the highspeed internet and built-in virtual collaboration tools along with booking and communication apps to keep team’s engaged no matter where they are in the world.

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