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3 Ways to a Productive Coworking Day

Feb 20, 2023 | Blog

When people choose to cowork, they’re letting their productivity flag fly. That said, there’s always a way to improve productivity. The key to doing so is the day’s structure. A great coworking day means lots of accomplishments.

Many people involved in coworking know how to structure their day, but they’re always looking for tips. The key to making a coworking day great is building a structure and following it.

When this is done, the day flies and there’s a feeling of order to the madness that can work.

Arrive Early

Arriving even as little as 15 minutes early has a profound effect on the day’s events. When people arrive at work, they take some time to get situated. They may want a coffee, donut, or just to chat with friends.

Arriving early gets the acclimatization started and by the time the work day begins, the coworker is ready to go. The more early a person arrives, the quieter it is to get work done. People are productive in low-distraction environments, and that’s why arriving early is a great way to get that done.

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Easy Tasks First

The reason many people feel worn out from work and like nothing was accomplished is doing the hard things first. Knock out some easy tasks. Get the confidence up and productivity flowing. While it may mean the hard task might take more than one day, it means there are plenty of other things not piling up.

When this happens, people feel less cluttered and more productive. Stacking up those wins creates time for other activities too, such as networking. How many times has there been a desired conversation scuttled by a lack of time?

Knock out easy tasks and time opens.

Structure Based on Preference

A morning person loves to wake up early and get things done right away. Afternoon people seek to ease into their day. Stack the day based on the level of productivity. Morning people should be in the coworking space early and getting things done right away. Afternoon people should come in later and feel productive.

This structure foments productivity because people are not forcing themselves into a place where they are not comfortable. When comfort is found, productivity and efficiency thrive.

There are plenty of ways for coworkers to be productive. Visit a Venture X location to see how workers come and go with the most productive of days.

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