Venture X wants to make the tech scene go BOOM! July 10, 2012

Venture X wants to make the tech scene go BOOM!

As many of you know, the tech scene in Naples and all of SWFL just isn’t visible. There are many talented developers and designers here, but no one notices them.  Why is that? We will tell you why. Because there hasn’t been a...

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Cowork Offices in Naples June 17, 2012

Cowork Offices in Naples

Naples is home to some great entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small companies, many of which work from a home office, executive or out of a Starbucks. Coworking is a new concept for Naples, that the founders of VentureX stand behind and believe will...

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Let the Construction Begin! June 16, 2012

Let the Construction Begin!

Alright everyone…so last week we began construction! I hope everyone is as excited as we are here at Venture X. We are definitely on schedule, if not ahead…so start gathering your laptop, tablets, and phones and tell your clients to start...

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Opening soon in Naples! June 13, 2012

Opening soon in Naples!

VentureX is an innovative workspace for entrepreneurs, independents, and creative professionals. We are truly excited to get this space launched in Naples, Florida at Mercato off of Vanderbilt and U.S. 41. Naples, and all of SWFL has needed a change...

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