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A Perspective on Coworking from our Community Coordinator

Coworking or shared office space continues to be a new and growing way to work.  For some, there is still so much unknown about coworking.  As the community coordinator, I have wanted to discuss the reasons why coworking has become so popular by my vantage point and answer questions you may have about this new way to work.  Here are the top three reasons to join our Venture X Denver South community.

Membership Based Agreement

So how does it work?  Sign-up is a breeze and can take as little at 15 minutes! You’re billed once a month for your membership fees and if you want to cancel, all we ask for is a 60-day notification.  

As the community coordinator, I have given tours to companies and individuals who do not want to be limited by a lease.  They tend to be in growth mode or with plans to grow.  They may only have an individual with big plans or a few people but within months they plan to have upwards of 8 people.  They need the flexibility to grow or constrict as their business changes. 

Venture X Denver South has a variety of membership options; everything from a virtual mailbox to a private office space.  Coworking is all about flexibility and no longer-term contract! With a membership, you get all kinds of awesome amenities that are not always included in traditional real estate.


Venture X Denver South offers a wide range of amenities for our members.  We have a variety of free coffee and tea available every day all day.  We host happy hours where you have a chance to mingle with other members in the space and network your company. Venture X offers Treat Tuesdays and we host multiple networking groups in our space a couple of times a month. You have access to three different conference rooms of varying sizes that have full whiteboard walls and smart TVs that can be used for presentations or video conferencing.

Venture X Denver South has mail services, printing and copying services, cleaning service, and on-site security. Our coworking space is always clean and professional. We have top of the line furniture; including couches, desks, and chairs. There is an on-site gym that members are also able to use at their discretion, as well as a super fun food hall opening up that will have a slew of choices which includes but not limited to burgers, BBQ, sushi, a coffee shop, and a full-service bar.  Our most important amenity is our best in class network that includes high-speed internet tailored to your needs.


I have seen so much success watching people who come in, socialize while grabbing coffee, and having a quiet and clean workspace to focus in.  When working from home, it can be very beneficial to some folks; however, it can also be very distracting. There are always things to be done around the house, laundry, cleaning, taking the dog for a walk, or even binge-watching TV shows. Even after your workday is done, you do not get to leave your work at work because it is still sitting in your house. When you work in a coworking space, there is less distraction and you are surrounded by likeminded individuals, you are there to focus on work, and when you leave, you can leave your work at the office and head home. Venture X Denver South has multiple white noises so even when other people are talking it is not distracting.  The owners, Michael and Kate, have worked hard to make sure that the acoustics in our space allows all members to have a quiet workspace. 

As the community coordinator, I would like to invite you to come in for a tour or try out our space during one of our free coworking days. We offer a virtual tour if you’re unable to come in however, just like with a car, you almost always want to check it out in person. Once you have been to our space, we know you will love it as much as both we and our members do. We are always available via email or for a quick phone call for any questions. We look forward to you being a part of our community!

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