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How Coworkers Stay Healthy

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Blog

There is no doubt that healthy workers are productive workers. However, there’s just as much data showing a sedentary work and lifestyle contribute to poor health. So, how is it possible to square two extremely paradoxical ideas?

The reality is there’s always a solution to a problem, and coworking is uniquely positioned to be the solution to the sedentary health crisis affecting all office workers. Choosing coworking is a great way to get a handle on health instead of lamenting missed opportunities.

Build-in Calorie Deficits

A great way to be healthy is to have calorie deficits. It’s really simple – if the body doesn’t have enough fuel from food to supply energy, it must look to other sources – namely body fat.

Fat is a great source of fuel because it’s ever-present and most people have enough fat to burn and remain healthy. The only people who shouldn’t have calorie deficits are people with low body fat levels – these people are usually athletes or people into the fitness lifestyle, so they already are healthy.

Track calories on apps and get the timing right for caloric intake.

moving while working

Get Moving

The best part of coworking is the remote nature of it. There’s no boss lurking to make sure a person is always at their desk. Every hour, take a 10-minute walk. This gets the blood moving and the mind refocused. Walk around the floor, take a walk around the block, and get moving.

Once this happens, returning to the desk is easy. The best part about a good walk is by getting people moving they are productive. So, take a walk, it’s the best thing for performance.

Adaptive Furniture

There’s no escaping how bad sitting is for people. That’s why many coworking spaces offer standing desks. This is a great option because if it’s impossible to get away from the desk, it’s better to stand and move around in a small area than it is to sit and shuffle around in a chair. Therefore, if standing desks are available, take them.

If there’s a private office and the furniture is changeable, get a standing desk in that private office.

To get healthy, it’s on coworkers to take affirmative steps to be healthy. Venture X offers plenty of ways for coworkers to be healthy, check out our many coworking locations to see what’s available.

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