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How the Neighbors Make Coworking Vibrant

Jan 9, 2023 | Blog

In Robert Frost’s The Mending Wall the neighbor consistently tells the speaker that “Good fences make good neighbors.” This is true, but it is equally true that building relationships makes a community tighter. Taking care of each other is the simplest way human beings show affection, and this is true in business. For a coworking space, it’s important to meet the neighbors. Don’t be the next tenant in a building, instead, get to know everyone because this is where the sense of community gets formed.

A Big Welcome

When opening a coworking space, a great practice is a welcoming party. Have the neighboring businesses stop by. Cater a lunch and get to know everyone. This is the easiest way to meet people and show the coworking space is not a threat but rather a spot for everyone to gather. Having the buy-in from the local business community is the simplest yet most effective way to build community bonds, and it all starts with welcoming people in.

Special Events

A great thing about coworking spaces is the ability to host different events that other businesses can’t. A simple way to stay connected with the neighbors is monthly lunches. Have the lunch brought in and invite the local businesses. Discuss the different pain points they have along with how to elevate the businesses via coworking. There’s always some crossover, and these lunches allow the neighbors to get a glance at how powerful coworking is.

Business Spotlight

Every month, pick out a local business to spotlight. This is great for local businesses because the members visit the neighboring establishment. Furthermore, doing community-oriented acts like a business spotlight allows neighbors to see the power of a coworking space. This power is leverage and using soft power like a business spotlight in turn attracts neighbors who may not be willing to collaborate at first. Show the neighbors how coworking positively impacts their bottom line, and they’re willing to build relationships.

There are plenty of coworking spaces having incredible relationships with their neighbors. See how Venture X is an industry leader in coworking because they take care of their neighbors.

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