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How to Choose the Best Coworking Space for your Startup in Dallas

If your startup consists of a handful of remote workers or just you and your cat and you’re feeling a little lonely, you aren’t the only one. Loneliness is the one downside that accompanies the many perks that working from home gives homeworkers like ditching your commute, being your own boss, and having a flexible schedule.

It’s no wonder that there are reports that 83% of users of coworking spaces feel less lonely and 89% feel happier. These numbers help to explain the boom in the recent growth of coworking spaces that we are seeing around the globe and at our own Venture X Dallas coworking Near Galleria location.

What is a Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces are like the Uber or Airbnb of the office space world. Rather than rent an entire office and become locked into a long-term lease, you just rent space in an office environment, often month-to-month. 

Since you are coworking, you will be intermingling with many other users also renting workspaces. Going to a coworking environment is a bit like going to the gym and having the opportunity to meet other members, only there are desks, a printer, meeting rooms, a podcast studio, staff, and everything you need to run your business rather than gym equipment.

The opportunities to socialize are there for those who wish to take advantage of them, but you won’t be bothered if you just want to buckle down and get your work done. Our clients rave about the sense of community a coworking space gives them.

What are the Advantages of Coworking Spaces?

The professional advantages are obvious when it comes to having a place to meet clients. The coworking space gives the impression that your startup or business is bigger and more established than it actually is. You also have the ability to have staff meetings with remote workers that feel more official than meetings that are conducted at your home or a coffee shop. The flexibility of coworking allows you to rent as much or as little space as you need to or as your budget allows. Your coworking space can grow as your business grows.

Many people who use coworking spaces talk much more about the sense of community and how the environment enhances their motivation, productivity and sense of well-being over just the practicality of them. You share coworking spaces with entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers and other like-minded people just like you who share your ambition and understand the day-to-day struggles of trying to run a business. The ability to network or just receive support is one of the primary advantages of coworking spaces, which is one of the biggest reasons why users of coworking spaces are expected to grow to over 1 million in the United States alone. Here’s what to look for if you are considering using a shared office space.

1. Find the Right Location

Your coworking space should be centrally located to conveniently accommodate you, your existing staff, and your clients. The location of your coworking space should be in a safer, nicer part of town than your home office or nearby coffee shop to further the impression of success with your clients.

Venture X Dallas by the Galleria is near the I-635 easily accessible by the communities of: 

  • Addison, Texas (Dallas North)
  • Preston Hollow,
  • Farmers Branch
  • Carrollton TX
  • Highland Park

Our location is nearby following zip codes: 


This location is in the city center and near some of the best restaurants, gyms, and shopping in Dallas.

2. Survey the Community

Because the social aspect of coworking is such an important part of the benefits of shared spaces, it would be a good idea to start with finding out who else is sharing space there. One of the best ways to do this is to rent a small space for a short time and get to know people. If you find the community is a good fit for you or your team, you can expand the space you are renting to fit your needs.

3. Look at the Prices

One of the advantages of coworking is avoiding expensive move-in costs and long-term leases of pricey offices. With coworking, you get the benefits of large, open spaces and a professional environment without the overhead. At Venture X Dallas, our community packages start at less than the cost of monthly mobile service, and we offer no-obligation month-to-month flexibility so you can find the space that’s right for you and fits your budget.

4. Ask about Amenities

Although some amenities like reliable, super-fast wifi are a must, others like having staff at your disposal, access to a printer, and the availability of a notary are nice, there are some you wouldn’t even know you would want unless you experienced them. Have you ever been in an office environment with a nap room? Once you’ve been spoiled with unlimited gourmet coffee and snacks, you might find your list of “must-have” amenities expanding beyond just wanting 24/7 access. These are just a few of the amenities we have at our Venture X Dallas coworking location.

We invite you to come and tour our Venture X Dallas coworking space so you can see it for yourself. With amenities included such as an event space, Hi-tech meeting rooms, community events, onsite staff, a cafe, free coffee and snacks, and, yes, a nap room, you may not only find Venture X Dallas to be an affordable alternative to traditional office spaces but a superior one. Contact us today to schedule a tour.


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