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How to Plan a Day for Coworking

Mar 13, 2023 | Blog

There are many people unwilling to give up the office structure because the day at the office is well planned in advance. The reality is coworking relies on the individual to take ownership of what they do and plan accordingly.

For many people, having to plan their day is a daunting task, but the truth is with a few hacks it’s pretty easy to create a day in coworking that’s productive and without the stress of the office.

First Easy, then Hard

A massive error most people face when coworking is they set the hard tasks first and then when finished with the hard task kick their effort into overdrive to get the remaining easy tasks done.

This is a bad approach because it compresses tasks into a short window. Unless the hard task is a massive priority, put it after the easiest tasks.

Clear out the clutter early so the rest of the day focuses on the difficult task. This keeps the energy in the right allocation and builds a sense of accomplishment and confidence before bearing down on the hard task.

Start Early, Leave Early

Most people arrive at work right as the time phone calls pour in. When coworking, it’s a good idea to arrive at least an hour before 9 am. The reason is simple – most people don’t get on the phone before 9.

This means work gets accomplished without interruption. Plus, having those uninterrupted hours means work gets done quickly and efficiently.

Once the phone rings and messages must be answered, this is where detours on the road of progress happen. When most things get done before the phone rings, it’s easy to leave early and have a productive day.

planning your coworking day

Incorporate Breaks

The break is a great reward for a hard few hours of work. Incorporate breaks into the plan because everyone needs to take 15 minutes to unplug. It’s also a great way to keep motivation.

They say in track to run through the tape. This is the same with coworking. Work hard and then when break time comes, stop, and take stock of a hard day’s work. Lunch is a great break as well, so make sure to use it effectively too. Rewards are keys to keeping up that intrinsic motivation to excel.

There are plenty of other ways to plan for the day of coworking. Check out a local Venture X to see some great methods for coworking day planning.

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