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by | Sep 20, 2017 | Blog

Who:Venture X – Naples
What:Venture X, a premier provider of workspaces for businesses and entrepreneurs, is opening its doors to all those in Southwest Florida affected by hurricane Irma to charge up electronic devices, connect to WiFi, and find air conditioned comfort and relief in its lounges, cafe and open desk spaces.
When:Starting Thursday, September 14th, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Where:Venture X, 9128 Strada Place #1115, Naples, FL 34108
Why:Naples Florida, which was hit by the very eye of Hurricane Irma, is the heart and home of Venture X and most residents are still without power, cell service, internet and A/C. Venture X is opening the doors of its Naples facility to the public.??Starting Thursday, September 14th, those affected by hurricane Irma are invited to the lounge, open desks, and café area of the Venture X Naples workspace to charge up electronic devices and find air-conditioned comfort as well as WiFi access to connect with friends and family, or to get some work done. All first responders, emergency crews, power company workers, and others assisting in recovery efforts are invited to stop by to enjoy the much-needed air conditioning as well as the other amenities provided by Venture X. Collier County is currently under a boil water notice and the facility will, unfortunately, not have access to water or coffee to provide. However, Venture X is working diligently to find solutions for those who stop by. One of the Venture X core values is community, “We humans are social beings and we can achieve more together than alone. We therefore strive to build authentic, inspiring, connected communities. Our workspaces are part of the local community and caring about our neighborhoods is important to us.”

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