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Member Interview: Tuuli Media

Oct 8, 2013 | Blog

Good afternoon all Venture X members. Since the Venture X community is continuously growing we decided to implement a weekly member blog feature. This will give everyone another way to get to know surrounding members. For our first week we will be featuring Sasha Bogojevic of Tuuli Media. Company: Tuuli Media Owner/Founder of Company: Sasha Bogojevic Number of Employees: 7 Website/Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/EtcTuuli media Website  | Facebook Tuuli Media LinkedIn for Tuuli Media When was your company established? 2012 Can you tell us about your company? TUULI MEDIA is an accomplished team of search engine optimization specialists, online marketers, programmers as well as designers. Our SEO company features a combined 9 years of SEO practical experience. We have ranked numerous websites spanning varied niche markets in our local South Florida Market. What is your favorite thing about Naples, Florida? Cleanliness, safety and laid back attitude What is your favorite movie? Inception What do you do during your free time? Kiteboarding, CrossFit Why do you enjoy being a part of the Venture X community? Meeting people and networking

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