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Member Spotlight – Lindy Singer

Coworking spaces have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years and are the perfect solution for the changing needs of startups and other small businesses. Lindy Singer, a member at Venture X Richardson, TX, is Chief Marketing Officer and Chief of Staff for Modo. We spent some time getting to know Lindy and her story.

First things first, who is Modo?

Modo is a disruptive payments technology startup that “has been making waves in the payments industry since 2010,” shared Lindy. Lindy went on to explain, “We are focused on reducing friction throughout the payments industry in order to do the most good for the most people. Modo works to reduce the friction between payment connections for some of the largest players in the game including Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, FIS, and Klarna.” There is no doubt that the way we make payments on a personal level and as entrepreneurs is changing tremendously.

Modo at Venture X Richardson, TX

Lindy shared that Modo moved into their Venture X space in Richardson in April 2018. They enjoyed customizing their space to fit their needs. Lindy said, “We have a different set up than most because there are 15 employees working out of our Venture X office. We have our own conference room and a central meeting area in a dedicated Modo office within Venture X.”

We asked Lindy some quick Q & As to get to know her and journey with Modo better. Here’s what she had to say:

  • What made you want to get involved in this line of work?I wasn’t looking for a job in the payments industry, but am so happy that the opportunity came my way. Fintech is buzzing because of the constant innovations we’re seeing in online and in-store checkouts and the changing ways people are sending and receiving money all around the globe. Although we are seeing tons of innovation, the legacy players such as banks and the networks still make up the backbone of the industry. Modo comes in to manage and optimize the connections necessary to bridge the gap between the old and the new.
  • What has been the most rewarding aspect of your job?Since Modo is still a small company with 28 employees around the globe, the work we are doing is setting the stage for the future of something greater, and we all truly believe that. That belief means that we are constantly testing our offerings and pushing the company into the next phase.
  • What’s the biggest challenge that you have faced in business and how did you overcome it?Modo’s technology can enable a wide variety of payments products and services, but that doesn’t mean we have the resources and bandwidth internally to pursue every project that comes our way. Knowing what challenges we should be focusing on and constantly aiming for excellence in our deliveries has given us a reputation for impressive and rapid deployments and has left us with a list of very happy clients.
  • Who or what was the greatest inspiration on your journey?One of our advisors is Dee Hock, CEO and Founder Emeritus of Visa. He is one of the most interesting people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The way he organized Visa in a ‘chaordic’ way was the inspiration behind many of Modo’s organizing principles. Modo employees (or ModoNauts as we call ourselves) are given a lot of freedom to make decisions and act on ideas.

A Personal Look at Lindy Singer

When we asked Lindy for business tips she could share, she kept it simple and yet, her message is quite profound, “People need a purpose. Is your company giving them one?” It makes you wonder when you look at your own team, what motivates these people? What drives them?

In her spare time, Lindy enjoys skiing and says she tries to get out to ski in Colorado as often as possible. She also enjoys working out, cooking semi-healthy meals, going on walks and meeting up with friends for meals. It seems to us like Lindy has found the work-life balance that many struggle to find and we hope that working at Venture X contributes positively to that sacred balance. On a lighter note, Lindy is one of 4 daughters in her family and is very proud of each of her sisters. Just ask her, she’ll tell you all about them!

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