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Member Spotlight – Phoenix Marcón

Venture X’s coworking office space offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to work in a professional space without distractions. Amenities such as 24/7 keycard access or all the coffee you can drink are important for many of our members. We understand that everyone has their own list of “must haves” but we are confident that you will find everything you’re looking for and more at Venture X.   Phoenix Marcón, a seasoned entrepreneur and Veteran, has been working out of Venture X Dallas by the Galleria since January 2019.

Phoenix has been an entrepreneur for about two decades and currently keeps several businesses running in various industries – Marcón Press, Hazelnut Cafe, Marcón Clean, Phoenon, and Entreya. In addition to running multiple businesses, Phoenix is a certified life/health coach and the author of 15 books.

We asked Phoenix some questions to get to know him a little better and learn about the journey he’s been on, career-wise. 

How have your businesses evolved in 2020 with all the changes we’ve experienced? 

In terms of Marcón Clean, an existing cleaning business that was established in 2002, adding sanitizing and disinfecting to the list of services seemed like a natural fit in the current climate. This was a perfect storm for price gouging. People and businesses were scared and they needed a solution. I knew that others would take advantage of that, and sure enough, there are companies already capitalizing on that by charging as high as .57 per square foot for the same service that we charge as low as .10 for. Now, the competition does not have a chance.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your job?

As of late, providing jobs in a climate where they are scarce. Leaving the premises and handing them our S.A.F.E. Certificate of Sanitization. The customer feels relieved and now feels confident opening the doors again.

What’s the biggest challenge that you have faced in business and how did you overcome it?

In relation to Marcón Clean, the business of sanitization and disinfecting requires specialized P.P.E. and equipment. Amid COVID-19, this was a challenge. If I were to accept people’s ‘NO’ as the final answer to availability, we would not be in business. We had to think outside of the box and dig deeper into our search for what we needed for masks, suits, EPA-certified chemical solutions, and even equipment.

Aside from that, when I started my publishing company, I positioned my rates to be a fraction of what others cost while still giving them an incredible value. However, $2,500 – $3,500 is still a tough pill to swallow for most. So, separately, I created my own finance company that now allows anyone to finance their book project to make their dreams come true.  

What business tips would you like to share with others?

Satisfaction comes from action. Think about it. SATIS-F-ACTION. It’s no accident that the word ACTION is in the word Satisfaction. Nor is it an accident the word FACTION is there. Only those who separate themselves from the fold and push/do/be will accomplish their goals. That group of doers, that’s a faction. Not in any negative us­versus-them ideology. It’s not you-versus-anyone. It’s you-versus-you. Your business. You are a faction of one, against the parts of yourself, the habits, the inability to commit and persist, those are the things you are fighting against. No . . . is NEVER an option. Impossible . . . is an illusion.

What has been your favorite part about working at Venture X?

The location is ideal and the environment is friendly. Management has been exceptional to us business owners before COVID-19, but even more so during it, as a positive support system with a true interest in our success.

A Personal Look at Phoenix Marcón

Phoenix is not your average entrepreneur by any means. He’s been on four reality shows, has received the key to the city of Dallas from two different mayors, and received an International Humanitarian Award. 

We had to know what inspires him and he shared, “My inspiration comes from my favorite quote, ‘What are we here for if it is not to make life less difficult for others.’ from George Eliot.” This is such an important part of his vision that it’s written on his business card and it’s the reason Phoenix got into life coaching which has transformed itself into business, fitness, and health coaching after nearly a decade under the name Phoenon.

As we suspected, when we asked Phoenix how spends his spare time, he shared, “Entrepreneurship. I live and breathe it. I enjoy having an idea and making it come to fruition. I had a dream once that I wrote down when I woke up . . . I turned it into a 400-page book, Carnation, and now it is being turned into a movie.  Things like that drive me. As a result, when I do things like that, it inspires others. What I do is not impossible or unique to me. I just put things in motion and hammer it with determination.” His energy and passion are admirable, to say the least. And Phoenix, we know you’ll keep hammering at it.

Looking for a new way of thinking about your business? Have you considered a virtual office or renting a conference room when you need to meet with clients in a professional space? Venture X offers a variety of membership plans including these options for those who don’t need a space to work from full time. If that changes as your business progresses, it’s not a problem – we’re here to grow with you as your needs change. Rest assured, when you need to get work done, we know you’ll love working here! 

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