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Member Spotlight – Wendell J. Haskins

Professionals,  across many industries,  are suffering from pandemic fatigue and are tiring of the isolation of working at home.  More and more frequently, they are looking to break out of their home office or their spare bedroom to work in safe, flexible place that can help them thrive both personally and professionally.  Venture X has become the home to many remote workers who are seeking refuge from their own home offices.   The membership plan options offered by Venture X can accommodate the needs of any professional business.  They offer flexibility to adjust to those needs over time if needed.   

Wendell J. Haskins who works in the business of professional sports for the Professional Collegiate League (PCL) of basketball is a member at Venture X Palm Beach Gardens – City Centre. He is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for this exciting startup company and league that will provide full scholarships to elite level players and compensate them while playing in the PCL. He is also the owner of Original Tee Golf which produces golf events and consults the golf industry. We asked Wendell some questions to get to know him a little better and learn about the career journey that he’s been on. 

·         What made you want to get involved in this line of work?

I have worked in the entertainment business for all of my professional career. I’ve always loved basketball and worked with the NBA for many years. When I fell in love with golf, I believed I could make a mark in the sport with my unique perspective and innovative ideas.

·         What has been the most rewarding aspect of your job?

The most rewarding aspect of my job has been helping other people reach their potential and fulfill their own dreams. Also, seeing people get the recognition they deserve and seeing my input make a significant positive impact on the lives of others has been extremely rewarding.

·         What’s the biggest challenge that you have faced in business and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge I have faced in business is corporate bullying, bigotry, and not having been given the adequate support and resources to perform my job responsibilities at a high level. It is recently publicly documented and reported on in Sports Illustrated. I overcame it by gathering my own wins, relying on my network to build my own personal, long-term strategy, moving on, and applying my strengths to endeavors in which I have input and equity.

·         What business tips would you like to share with others?

Believe in yourself to the point you can bet on yourself. Keep leveling up, don’t be afraid to make adjustments as needed, stay informed, and plan for the future.

·         What has been your favorite part about working at Venture X?

I’ve only been at Venture X for a few months, but I really like the open workspace environment, access to the technology I need to do my job when needed (things like the Zoom room, private phone booths, and high speed Wi-Fi), the proximity to my home, the outdoor seating option, the snacks that are always available, and of course, the kindness of the management staff.

A Personal Look at Wendell J. Haskins

As we got to know Wendell,  we wanted to learn more about who has impacted him most.  He explained that he’s had many inspirations along the way. “My biggest influence was my father, William J. Haskins, who passed in 2014.  Others who inspired him include golfer Charlie Sifford, the writer Dr. Calvin Sinnette, and former President Barack Obama.” 

In his spare time, Wendell enjoys reading, playing golf with friends whenever possible, and spending quality time with family. He also shared that he’s recently completed an online certificate program at Cornell University, the Diversity & Inclusion Certificate program. When you’re as busy as Wendell, we imagine there likely isn’t much spare time.

When working from home is no longer working for you, it’s time to consider what will work so you can focus on your future and get down to business. Book a tour of your local Venture X space today and see everything that our flexible workspaces have to offer – from private offices, dedicated desks, coworking, conference rooms and so much more. 

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