We are excited to announce the launch of our newest Venture X location in San Diego’s North County in the lovely town of Scripps Ranch.  What is Venture X, you ask?  Good question, something I had to do a double take myself when I first came across the name.  (See to get a taste).  Well to start with, we brand ourselves as “The Future of Workspace.”  But what does that mean?  That’s what we’re here to find out.  To start with, we are a co-working space.  But beyond that, we are so much more.  We represent what we envision will be the new way to work.  It was always inevitable in a world where traditional models get upended sometimes to the point of extinction (think about what Netflix did to Blockbuster Video).  And office work is no different.  But if the organic trends we saw over the past decade were to bring about a shifting mentality among office goers, Covid was the rocket fuel that took that shift to new heights overnight.  As we prepare to open in April of 2023, we hope to be a part of this new paradigm and will do our best to help shape and build it into something that we envision will be beneficial to so many people.  Something that represents so much more than just work.  

This WFH (Work From Home) experience that so many of us underwent cast light on not only what was great about it but also its downside.  Sure, the convenience of not having to dress up into work clothes, having homemade coffee instead of spending $5-10 every morning at a Starbucks, and not having to sit in traffic during a commute is great.  But there’s also a lot to be said about humans and our need to socialize and be mentally and physically active outside of our homes.  What if you were able to go to an office that was only a few minutes away, close enough to walk or bike to have your own barista quality coffee at the ready, your own keyless entry private office, and a 5-star quality concierge team?  Then throw in the added perks of a warm open lounge to cross network in, a gym with lockers and showers, monthly private events, conference and training rooms at your convenience, complimentary desks for interns you may want to hire over the summer, and weekly wellness sessions in one of our private terraces?  All this while saving hours of commute time per week that instead could be used towards one of the aforementioned perks?  When you think about this, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the coworking office industry is experiencing healthy growth despite being in an asset class (commercial office real estate) that is increasingly under duress.  We believe that a transition to a more hub and spoke model where a company maintains its corporate headquarters while also maintaining presence in a space like ours closer to where its employees live IS the way of the future.  It’s what we believe to be a toothpaste out of the tube moment, that there’s no going back to the traditional office work model, and companies that don’t come to this realization will be at a talent acquisition disadvantage going forward.  It’s why we decided to jump into the co-working industry with both feet and the rest as they say is…. the future.  The future of work.  The future of workspace.  The future of how we can maximize efficiencies of our time…and space.  If we can save just 1-1.5 hrs. of our day by reducing or eliminating our commute time, we save almost a full workday per week.  Which means we can work 4 full days and enjoy a 3-day weekend.  Or spend that extra 60-90mins per day hitting the weights or taking a seminar with a career coach or a multitude of other things that sound better than being stuck in traffic.  And how about the idea of space?  How many of your spare bedrooms (or second homes for some of you) go unused for most of the time?  There’s a reason AirBnB and other shared economy businesses have exploded in popularity.  The same goes for office space.  If we can maximize utilization of anything, a home, your car, your building, your time, we can unleash that excess to better usage.  Rent out that second home you own when you’re not using it.  Rent out that car when it’s not in use.  (This is Elon Musk’s theory of robotaxis and why he thinks cars will increase in value over time.  Agree with him or not, it does give you pause just to think about that.)  Repurpose that 50% occupied office building into a mixed use residential/office/retail building.  It increases efficient use of that space AND alleviates the housing shortage at the same time.  Doesn’t that excite you?  If it doesn’t yet, it should.  Let’s maximize our time and space efficiency together, shall we?   

“Remote workers reclaimed 60 million hours of commuting time…” 

2023:  The Future of Real Estate March 2017 


John and Yuri Lee 

Owner/Operators of the upcoming Venture X San Diego Scripps Ranch 

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