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Multiply Your Exposure to Other Business Opportunities

May 16, 2019 | Blog

As a member of a coworkspace community, you’re optimizing the ability to grow your business. Being surrounded by a network of professionals creates a distinct synergy for the constant exchange of ideas, creativity, and information. These free-flow exchanges result in better productivity for the community’s members and provide opportunities to connect with relevant professionals from potential clients to suppliers to business partners.

Dollars and Sense

Coworking spaces often make more financial sense than renting an office. Renting includes installing infrastructure and taking care of utility bills that drain cash-flow and time. The Venture X team takes care of the logisitics, from design to furnishings, and that makes entering the world of coworking a true turnkey operation. Also, office rentals usually require a long-term contract, but Venture X offers members flexible month-to-month agreement plans that cater to nearly all professions. Working in an office that is modern, functional, and situated within a hotbed for free thinkers is an ideal climate to cultivate your business.

The Venture X way of working provides a dynamic approach that targets the needs of today’s on-the-go worker. As a member of the Venture X community, you’re surrounded by professionals from multiple industries, and the exchange of ideas and advice is critical to generating new business leads and helping personal growth. The kinship and mutual help from one member to another are extremely valuable.

Look the Part…Feel the Part

Working remotely from home has its benefits, but there are downsides that include distractions and losing focus. That workplace energy will be lacking too. Sitting in front of the computer wearing a t-shirt, flip-flops, and shorts may sound tempting, but it’s certainly not optimal for work-mode. Those who use a coworking space are more aware of their appearance and reminded daily that the work they do is important, valued, and to be taken seriously.

Your time and skills are meaningful, and by interacting with other like-minded individuals you become part of a solid, reliant network that leads to new contacts that helps expand your business. Cowork space conference/meeting rooms are great options for impressing clients. Greeting a potential client in a beautifully-appointed conference room — instead of in your home or at the local Starbucks — could make a difference between a deal or no deal. Co-work spaces show you’re serious and dedicated to your trade.

In summary, coworking is a great solution for many that is helping shape the future of the labor market. Find out today if it’s the right solution for you!

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