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Naples Office Space for Scalability

Oct 3, 2013 | Blog

When searching for office space, one should be looking at the possibility of scaling their business. One should be asking themselves:

  • If I hire 2+ employees, will we be able to fit in this office space?
  • If we lay off 2 employees, will I be stuck with more than needed overhead in the large office space?

At Venture X, scaling your business comes with ease. In the last few months we have had companies that rent office space from us, hire some new employees. There was no frustration or hassle of having to move out and find new office space. Since we have options for companies of 1 employee up to 10 employees, scaling is made easy. We recently signed up two new companies that are going to be hiring 1-3 employees within 6 months. They had the question of “Will I be able to scale in Venture X if we hire?”, with our response being, “Of course!”. The beauty about Venture X compared to most office spaces or executive suites in Naples, is that we have month to month agreements. You are not stuck in a year contract. You don’t have to pay us hidden fees if you want to cancel membership or get a larger office. We take the pain of out the traditional office space. If you are a small business looking for office space and you don’t want to have the 1 year lease over your head and the lack of office space scalability, then please give us a call! We would love to set your company up with the best option for you. 239-300-9601 or even send us an email at [email protected]

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