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Office space opens up to students who are virtual learning

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fl. (CBS12) — Another semester stuck at home for school is not appealing to many students, that’s why a Palm Beach Gardens workspace is opening up to students.

“It’s just a very open space, there’s a lot of light in here, it’s just very relaxing,” said 8th grader Julianna Bell.

While most kids and teens are stuck at home, the Bell family has found an alternative way to learn.

“One of the things when COVID came, with virtual learning, the girls just stayed in their rooms all day and what I saw is it was very depressing and hard for them. They couldn’t see their friends, they were just in front of a computer. For their mental health, I felt: let’s get them a place where they can go where they feel like they’re going somewhere, have proper structure, and a nice, fabulous place to study like Venture X,” said Chiara Bell, the mother of two teenage daughters.

But a local company is giving families who wish to continue virtual learning, without all the drawbacks, another option.

“Venture x is a flexible, shared workspace that has private offices, conference rooms, and co-working,” said Jeannie Fowle, the owner of Venture X Palm Beach Gardens,

Venture X traditionally just serves adults but now is allowing teens to take a break from home and study there.

“I think when kids are at home and virtual learning, the culture at home is changing, the stress level is up and that’s starting to drive people here,” said Fowle.

It’s a nice change for teen Julianna Bell, who starts 8th grade this year. The end of the last school year was a challenge for her and her sister who were both learning from home.

“I’d go and get different kinds of food throughout the day, like waste all my time,” said Julianna.

“We would call it their caves, they’d just go into their rooms,” said Chiara.

That’s why Venture X is becoming available for students.

“Maybe need a more professional environment to do their studies,” said Jeannie.

The workspace rents daily, monthly, and for the semester.

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