Optimize Your Workflow with a Dedicated Desk Membership at Venture X

Oct 20, 2022 | Blog

One of the membership options offered by coworking spaces like Venture X is a Dedicated Desk plan, which provides members with a dedicated space in which to work each day while not cutting them off from the coworking space community. 

This membership plan is favored by freelancers, remote workers, designers, and real estate professionals who require a hybrid space from which to conduct their business. Here are some of the benefits of a Dedicated Desk membership.

Coworking Space Networking Opportunities

One of the most incredible benefits coworking spaces provide to their members is the boundless opportunities for networking and collaboration that they foster, with 80% of people using coworking spaces reporting an increase in their network. By surrounding themselves with other members of their coworking community, members are afforded the advantage of being able to continuously connect with like-minded professionals and build up their professional networks. 

With a coworking dedicated desk, members have their own private space at which to get their work done, make calls, and attend online meetings. At the same time, they aren’t isolated from the community around them, providing ample opportunities to bounce ideas off other members of the space. 

Get Productive at Your Dedicated Desk

Remote workers who need to focus on their work away from the distractions of home life appreciate the rise in daily productivity they experience when working at a dedicated desk in a coworking space. This is because they don’t need to worry about when and where to get their work done, with 24/7 access to most coworking premises. 

By cutting the mundane home-related tasks out of their day, members of coworking spaces can tick items off their to-do lists and feel a sense of accomplishment when they close their laptops after work. 

Ignite Your Creativity at Work

Creativity has been linked to advanced problem-solving skills, making it essential for business success. Forbes indicates that successful entrepreneurs are adept at solving problems through creative, analytical thinking. It’s no wonder that so many entrepreneurs gravitate to coworking spaces. 

Working around other people offers unique exposure to fresh viewpoints and ideas. Members of working spaces often use these modern office space solutions to boost their creativity through discussion and collaboration. 

Great Office Space Membership Flexibility

A great coworking space should offer membership flexibility. Take, for example, an entrepreneur in the process of starting their own innovative business. They might start out on their own, but as their business grows and flourishes, they’ll need to take on a team of people to keep it running.

Flexibility is essential in a case like this one. If you’re a one-person team looking to expand in the future, seek out coworking spaces that offer incredible flexibility so that you can change your membership without any hassle. 

Coworking Dedicated Desk: What Venture X Has to Offer

The Dedicated Desk membership at Venture X is the optimal plan for professionals needing a fixed space to work daily. Here is what is included in this membership option:

  • Access to community areas
  • A professional business address
  • An ergonomic chair and filing cabinet
  • 24/7 keycard access
  • Boutique hotel-style lounge area
  • High-speed internet
  • Complimentary gourmet coffee, tea, filtered water, and more

At Venture X, our flexible plans allow you to move to a private office if your needs change or if you want to bring on additional team members. Our conference room and lounge areas provide even more options for meetings and events. We look forward to growing with you and your business.

Are you interested in our Dedicated or Shared Desk memberships or want to see what other plans we offer? Contact us to join the community today. 


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