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Practices of Safe Coworking

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Blog

As more businesses decide to fast-track their remote work operations supported by CDC guidance, it’s all too easy for normal workday demands to suddenly feel chaotic and out of control. Working from home uncovers a whole set of questions you weren’t forced to consider before: does your home office pick up WIFI from the internet router on the other end of the house? Will your kids (or pets) stay quiet for the conference calls on the calendar? Can you ignore the laundry long enough to meet your project deadline?

For those shifting to coworking spaces as offices close their doors, and for all of our current members, our list of safe coworking practices can ensure you are able to meet your work demands in a healthy, professional setting with all the resources necessary to handle your task list with ease and grace. 

Observe social distancing

While you may be working in shared areas with others, there’s more reason now than ever to respect personal space and observe a safe social distance. The CDC recommends avoiding close contact with others, which they define as six feet or less from another person. Rearrange your common area seating to uphold a six-foot separation wherever possible. If you have a private office, it’s the perfect time to implement a closed-door policy that gives the impression you’re being considerate instead of anti-social. 

Sanitize your work area – and yourself

Keep yourself and fellow coworkers safe by sanitizing your work area frequently. Set a timer to go off at intervals during the day to remind you to disinfect your keyboard, mouse, desk surfaces, and any shared items like pens, phone handsets, door handles and the like. Wash your hands regularly, for at least twenty seconds, particularly after coughing or sneezing. If you can’t access soap and water, use hand sanitizer with no less than 60% alcohol content, and rub your hands together until they feel dry. 

Put a hold on physical contact
With personal space and proximity already a concern, it stands to reason that physical contact should also be avoided. Since it’s safest to avoid any person-to-person contact whatsoever, put handshakes, hugs and high-fives on hiatus in favor of a no-touch greeting. Greeting substitutes growing in popularity include a simple wave or air high-five, while an elbow bump instead of a handshake further reduces the risk of communicability. 

Work at night

Round the clock keycard access is available as a perk of coworking membership. If your goal is to avoid large groups of people during the peak times of regular business hours, working at night could be the answer. Not only would you benefit from a smoother, quicker commute and fewer disruptions, but since many coworking members maintain a regular daytime schedule, you’ll be safer from illness by being exposed to fewer germs. 

Order carry out instead of dining in

Restaurants are feeling the crunch. The severe drop in customer activity as well as some locations being forced to close dining areas is hitting revenues hard. Do take your much-deserved lunch break and support local business, but don’t increase your own risk or pose a risk to others by lingering in groups or crowds – place a to-go order instead. 

Stay home if you are sick

As common sense and the World Health Organization would advise, stay home if you are unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, don’t tough it out and show up to your office to work. Seek medical attention and stay away from people aside from medical personnel. 

Venture X offers affordable, fully functioning offices for small-to-medium sized businesses working remotely. Our focus on health and safety as well as quality and flexibility provide the best in shared office spaces to our members. Reach out to Venture X today to learn more about the precautions we’re taking for our members, and how we can set up a remote working space for your company. 

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