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Social Media for Office Space

Aug 22, 2013 | Blog

The Importance of Social Media for Office Space and How It Is Replacing Traditional Online Search Engines Many office spaces believe search engines like Google and Bing are the way to get your business boosted in page rankings, but research and information from a recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine and other source findings have proven otherwise. Today social media like Twitter and Facebook is growing and is predicted to be the future for office space searches. Are you ready for the change? Since office space in Naples, Florida is continuously revolutionizing itself, we at Venture X strive to offer a better solution to the traditional office space or executive center. At Venture X we offer space directed for each individual company’s needs from a collaborative open office environment to individual private executive suites. Our mission is to bring an innovative “best of both worlds” to the office space industry.  At Venture X we believe in expanding our social media presence and combining search engine optimization (SEO) to adapt to the changing future and expand the public’s knowledge of our innovative concept. Whether you are a traditional office space, a modern office space, or a mix of both like Venture X and you haven’t jumped on the social media train, now is the time.  Research showed that in 2010 the use of search engines was at 61% and then in 2012 search engine use dropped to 54% because of increased social media presence. Today the most successful companies are implementing search engine optimization (SEO) into their social media sites to create roadmaps for their audiences to get the best information possible. Social media is not just for the younger audience these days even baby boomers are starting to use social research. When done correctly, social research is the new future for the office space industry searches.

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