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Taking Your Business to the Next Level: How to Pick the Right Coworking Space

Dec 4, 2017 | Blog

When you are starting up a business as a single entrepreneur, you can work from home easily enough and for a while that works but after a time, you could stand a little change of scenery and perhaps, a little camaraderie in your work environment.  

The growing trend in nontraditional spaces and coworking facilities offers professional upscale work areas where inspiration, consultation and collaboration intrinsically collide in a community of business professionals and entrepreneurs. With a variety of private office and shared desk spaces for rent, options abound for a wide spectrum of innovative office configurations.

Coworking spaces have evolved from café and coffee shop meetups

While coworking spaces have been around for more than 10 years, more startups are using them today, along with freelance writers, designers and independent companies.

Coworking spaces are popular with tech startups as tech companies don’t need everyone to report to a physical office every day, but do need to meet up from time to time.  

For for tech startups and other kinds of businesses, many coworking spaces, like ours, are equipped with meeting and board rooms with multi-media presentation capabilities.

Upscale, open spaces provide environments that inspire and motivate

Most coworking spaces are designed with open-plan layouts where like-minded business professionals can inspire and motivate each other. Geared towards community, in coworking spaces problems find solutions, hurdles are overcome and members benefit from the shared knowledge that fosters a mindset towards achieving project goals.

Coworking spaces embody a sense of a larger, connected entrepreneurial network where collaboration launches new businesses.

Taking breaks is essential to the coworking scene

Forget about the break room, most coworking spaces offer many amenities including free coffee and full-service cafes, plus patios or decks, so members can get some fresh air and catch a few rays, during a hectic day. Some spaces feature fully equipped kitchen areas for member use and catered food staging for networking events.

Networking is natural at coworking spaces

In the networking spirit of coworking spaces, many of these versatile spaces sponsor business seminars and social events for members. You can host your own event to test and promote products and ideas for future projects or attend a business seminar hosted by other members.

Mingling with passionate individuals in a social setting can lead to contacting those people for support services as your business grows. You may also find new clients for your business and find new businesses that interest you as a consumer, or perhaps as a partner.

Lower overheads and no long-term contracts

One of the most popular and practical attractions to coworking spaces has to be the savings for startups in office space rentals and maintenance overheads. Many startups can’t afford office rentals in upscale neighborhoods. Location plays a huge part in perception and doing business from a sketchy neighborhood can send up red flags to your customer base.

Coworking spaces offer members a professional mailing address with some membership plans. Setting up shop with your team in a coworking space provides a safe business environment where you can meet with clients in a chic and stylish place, in a safe, respected neighborhood. And it gets better.

Most coworking spaces offer month-to-month membership plans, so as your business expands, you can adjust your membership needs to a larger, shared space, rent a private office space within a coworking space or move out altogether into your own office space.

Choosing a coworking space depends on what you want

With many more coworking spaces popping up all over, you can choose which space works best for you. Things to think about when choosing that perfect coworking space depend on several factors:

Consider your goals

Starting with the goals of your business, think about what sort of space will be most conducive to productivity. If you need a space to meet with your team and kick around some new ideas, you might choose a coworking space with meeting rooms.

At Venture X Naples, your team can get inspired in our contemporary industrial loft meets boutique hotel facility. Featuring well-appointed virtual and private office spaces with ultra-fast Internet, our meeting rooms are well-equipped for multi-media presentations and collaborations.

Planning to expand your team?

Our meeting rooms are perfect for gathering your new team, getting focused and headed for success.

What’s important to your business?

Choosing a coworking space in Naples that attracts other startups and professionals that compliment your company’s networking initiatives can help keep individuals and teams on track.

Tech startups stand to benefit from other tech startups, legal professionals, marketing companies and others, while fitness startups may gain momentum from freelance photographers and writers, as well as networking with tech-savvy pros that can help with online implementation and e-commerce integration services for up and coming fitness enterprises.

At Venture X Naples, our diverse clientele of professionals and variety of shared desk and office spaces provide an inviting atmosphere to communicate with others and flex your business muscles.

Location matters

In choosing the right coworking space, location plays an important role. An ideal coworking space should be conveniently located for all the members of your team. Venture X Naples, situated in the heart of the city, offers ample parking, with plenty of amenities, many community spaces for events, a café and a fully-equipped kitchen.

We’re also just five minutes from the beach and close to an assortment of exciting dining and entertainment venues. When your team needs a break, you want to celebrate a milestone or you want to entertain clients or investors, Mercato offers some of Southwest Florida’s most happening spots.

Choosing a coworking space that works for your startup involves deciding where, when and how to best use your resources and talents. Venture X Naples offers a stylish, upscale, modern environment for startups to develop and expand into their own. Venture X stands devoted to supporting a healthy work ethic in a motivated environment that inspires collaboration. 

Contact Venture X Naples for a plan that fits you and start planning for your startup’s success by taking a tour of our facilities. Call us today!

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