So, what are flexible office spaces? These popular alternatives to traditional office space have become essential to the business world. They are flexible spaces designed and equipped to be move-in ready, helping you get straight down to business the moment you join a coworking community.

There are several benefits of renting out space in our coworking office space, from fully-equipped meeting rooms and private offices to virtual memberships. As experts in coworking spaces, Venture X outlines some of the main perks of renting space in a flexible coworking office.

Flexible Coworking Office Spaces Have Flexible Terms

One central aspect that makes coworking office spaces so popular is their adaptability to your needs. The ball is in your court regarding coworking spaces; you get to decide how much space you need and how long you need it, which is not the case when renting traditional office space.

This flexibility extends to your membership plan, which you are free to change as your team grows. If your team grows, simply add another office, or add a community membership for infrequent visitors to your team.

Get Instant Access to Your Working Space

Flexible coworking office spaces are known for their accessibility. When you sign up to join a coworking community, you essentially get an ‘instant office.’ This is because these office spaces are already furnished and fully equipped with everything you need to bring your computer in and start working immediately.

Show up, connect to premium wifi, and jump right into your work. There’s excellent lighting for video calls or conferences, sound reducing materials in the walls, and a closable door to reduce distractions. Enjoy the privacy you need with 3 solid walls to your office, and avoid the claustrophobic feelings that other offices can have with our large glass wall out to community areas or hallways.

Cleaning and Maintenance Services Are Included

A wonderful benefit of flexible coworking office space is that the fees include cleaning and maintenance services. Most coworking spaces will include these in their rental costs. These aren’t benefits you can expect when renting a traditional office space. You’ll most likely be required to cover these costs, adding an unnecessary business expense to your books.

Additionally, traditional office spaces may require other added costs, such as paper goods for the restrooms, paper towels for the kitchen, dish soap, etc. All of those clearing supplies and services are included in a flexible office space at Venture X.

Professional Design and Layout

Coworking spaces like Venture X offer members contemporary, design-forward spaces that provide a motivating place to launch your business or grow and expand your brand. Coworking spaces focus on creating engaging, motivating work environments for professionals and entrepreneurs that inspire their diverse members to collaborate.

Coworking Spaces Offer Virtual Office Space

Coworking office spaces often have a unique membership plan available: virtual office space. Virtual offices are designed to provide professionals who don’t need a full-time workspace with a solution to upgrade their professional image with a professional business address.

Venture X is proud to offer virtual office solutions to our clients at the location of their choice. Depending on the virtual office membership type, members can have:

  • Professional phone answering and reception services.
  • Mail and package reception.
  • Internal member-only discounts for conference rooms, event space, private day offices, and community day passes.
  • And many other membership perks not seen in other coworking office space companies.

Why Venture X?

  • Here at Venture X, members enjoy a variety of amenities and services, including:
  • High-tech meeting rooms
  • 24/7 keycard access
  • Cafe and lounge
  • High-speed internet access
  • Concierge-level services
  • Social and networking events

Unlike other flexible workspaces with their whimsical fusion of networking and uncharted possibilities, Venture X is geared towards the established business professional looking for upscale surroundings at locations that are dressed for success.

Would you like to learn more about what our premium flexible coworking office space offers? Contact us today to join the Venture X coworking space community.

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