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The Places and Spaces – A Closer Look at Venture X Frisco - Stonebrook December 10, 2019

The Places and Spaces – A Closer Look at Venture X Frisco - Stonebrook

Coworking spaces originated as a place for incubators, tech startups and other entrepreneurial ventures to share an office building environment with the added perks of community building, networking and collaborating with other members. Then, due to rising office leasing prices and the need for remote workers, independent contractors and small businesses to move their offices out of their homes, coworking spaces took off and now fifty percent of coworking space memberships include corporate companies. Growing into its own, shared work spaces, such as Venture X, offer concierge style services, flexible, monthly membership plans and high-end facilities that allow members to work in a welcoming and stylish space, with complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water, along with business class office equipment, superfast Internet and everything else you need to focus on your business each day. This month we take a closer look at Venture X Frisco - Stonebrook in Texas.

Originally from Dallas, Venture X Frisco - Stonebrook franchise owner, Eric Mattingly lives locally. In the National Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Mattingly, a 6th degree free-style martial arts master, owned his own martial arts dojo in Carrollton, Texas, before moving into private equity investments, founding  DMI Holdings in Dallas in 2009. Recently, when his son wanted to start a business, the two attended a franchise expo and discovered Venture X coworking spaces. After much research, they decided that the Venture X’s concept offered great potential as a business investment. Opening the Venture X Frisco -Stonebrook location on May 16, 2019, Mattingly told us that they chose to open in this location in order to meet the need of other local companies to “scale their business in a professional space.” We asked Mattingly a few other questions:

What has been the most exciting part of owning a Venture X location? The most challenging?

It’s been great to learn about them and share in their success. The most challenging has been the brand recognition.

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur and business owner?

—Goal oriented


—Willingness to work with others 

What makes this an ideal location for a coworking space?

Having a location close to various restaurants and easily accessible. No toll fees here.

What kind of feedback have you gotten from members?

They love how accommodating we are. They also like that we treat them as family and help them with their businesses.

Have you found that people are familiar with the concept of coworking or have you had to explain it?

We always have to explain – it’s great to be able to talk about the value and benefits we offer.

How would you describe the business community in your area?

Heavily focused in Software, Tech, Finance, Arts

What does your Venture X community look like? Similar industries? Varying ages? 

Variety of industries and varying ages from 25+

What is unique about your location?

Ample parking. Tons of free events. Accommodating.

How much square footage do you have? How many conference rooms? How many private offices?

30,000 sq ft. with four conference rooms, one training room, 96 offices, and lots of community space.

Mattingly revealed that the Venture X Frisco - Stonebrook community members are self-motivated and have amazing time management. No stranger to the business world in the Dallas Fort Worth area, Mattingly said the most interesting part about the Venture X Frisco - Stonebrook experience has been working with companies “we didn’t even know existed.” When asked about the types of events held at the Frisco location, Mattingly told us they feature a number of networking events, with holiday themed events scheduled for this month. Mattingly said he’s really excited about the Frisco location and in helping open a number of other Venture X locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area in the upcoming year.