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October 29, 2019

The Places and Spaces – A Closer Look at Venture X Marlborough

Coworking spaces, with their entrepreneurial spirit, networking opportunities, and collaborative possibilities have come a long way from their original stance as alternatives to working in a traditional office setting under the restraints of corporate America. Far from their origins as temporary workspaces that small businesses and startups flocked to while they grew enough to lease their own office space, the business community at large is embracing the community-driven flexible, shared office model. In fact, coworking is reshaping the idea of the workspace across all sizes of businesses from individuals, small businesses, and startups to medium and large companies as well as corporations. The turnkey opportunities afford business professionals the ability to move right in and get to work with flexible, monthly membership plans in place.  This phenomena is effecting the commercial real estate market in many large cities as well. So, let’s just say, coworking looks like it is here to stay.


As Venture X upscale coworking spaces expand to many newmarkets, we thought it might be fun to take a look at some of our locations. This month, we focus on Venture X Marlborough located in central Massachusetts. Franchise owner, Ryan Gagne, showed us around his location that opened in April 2019, graciously sharing some insights with us.


Gagne said that his interest in Marlborough goes back about 20 years when some friends of his made the central Massachusetts area their home. Visiting those friends over the years, Gagne enjoyed a lot of what the city had to offer, which is exactly why he choose to open a business here. Gagne told us the city is very pro-business and promotes growing local businesses, “much like Venture X.” Gagne said that Marlborough and the neighboring towns also support some “fantastic amenities.” Marlborough area attractions include the second largest population of hotel rooms in the entire state of Massachusetts, it's home to many unbelievably good restaurants and brewpubs as well as amazing entertainment venues for all ages. The Venture X franchise owner said, “The bigger question is: Why wouldn’t someone make Marlborough their place for business?”


We asked him some questions about his experience thus far, here’s what he shared with us:


What has been the most interesting or exciting part of owning a Venture X location? The most challenging?

The most exciting part of being a Venture X owner would be helping others grow and succeed in their career and business. It truly is interesting to learn about others’ businesses and the ability to offer an introduction to appropriate connections, whether in the workspace or to another business outside of Venture X, is just fantastic. Helping people succeed is an important piece of our business. One of the most challenging aspects of owning a Venture X is managing my time. I love this business so much, I could spend 24 hours a day on it and still want to do more to grow it, nurture new relationships, and build on the foundation of success that has been laid.  


What would you say are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur and business owner?  

I would say the top 3 skills that a successful entrepreneur and business owner needs are:

Patience – Nothing great happens overnight

Listen – You will never learn anything with your mouth open

Be stubborn – You can’t bend to everyone’s whim


How did you hear about Venture X? What makes this an ideal location for a coworking space? 

I was introduced to Venture X by an amazing team at Transworld Business Group, Arron and Jennifer Fox. I was in the market to find a business that would offer me the opportunity to leverage my skillset in a business that I was familiar with so that I could grow both personally and professionally.


What kind of feedback have you gotten from members? 

Our members love this place! The layout, the look, the feel – it all works for them and for many, they move in and get right to work without missing a beat. 


Have you found that people are familiar with the concept of coworking or have you had to explain it?  

Some people aren’t familiar with the concept with regard to coworking or what coworking is but, once they see our Venture X facility, the picture becomes crystal clear. 


How would you describe the business community in your area? 

The business community is extremely strong and very active. We benefit from having several active and supportive Chambers of Commerce and an engaged City Hall interested in making Marlborough a business center for central Massachusetts with a growing presence of mid- and large-sized companies. All of these foster growth for innovation and with innovation comes new business, creating an enormous opportunity for Venture X to excel.


What does your Venture X community look like? Similar industries? Varying ages? Our community is diverse, we have members spanning a few different age groups which is fantastic. It opens up a dialogue with a mix of experience along with a different outlook on various situations. More than just age though, are the types of businesses that are making Venture X their home to get the job done. We have members in several different focus areas of IT, construction firms, financial services of several different flavors, attorneys, a restaurant management group, consultants, and marketing-type companies. We even have an online concierge automobile dealership.


Have you noticed any interesting work habits amongst your members? 

Yes, very much so. Clients work when they need to and we have seen some working until late at night and over the weekends. A couple of clients find our long hallways a place to get their daily steps in while they work during lengthy conference calls. What is most interesting is to see how they enjoy and make use of a flexible environment. Having 24/7 access as a member, they can use the facility whenever it suits their schedule.


How much square footage do you have? How many conference rooms? How many private offices? 

In our 15,000 sq ft, we offer 49 private suites, 3 private meeting rooms, and over 2,500 sq ft of shared café & common area space. People are truly amazed when they tour the facility at just how large and how accommodating it really is.


Gagne said that the most unique feature about the Marlborough location is the location itself. Situated about one half of a mile from I-495 and six miles from “the Mass Pike” I-90, Venture X is part of the Apex Center Complex. Offering more amenities than other locations outside urban centers, Gagne said that within a couple of minutes walk, “you can grab lunch at a dozen different restaurants, go for that after-work cocktail at eight places, go to one or two banks, or go work off the waistline at any one of three gyms.” Our Marlborough franchisee continued, saying you could also go have some fun at the Apex Entertainment Center itself, “where you can drive go-carts, bowl and even throw axes.”


When asked about what types of events his location hosts, Gagne said that his team has hosted several events in the facility including some great networking events, a job recruitment fair, as well as some fabulous “Lunch and Learns.” Then we got a sneak peek at an upcoming event. Gagne shared that later this month, his location would be hosting a member and special guest event, where his team will work with a well-known local artist to create a three-piece hanging artwork item that will remain on display for all of the Venture X members to enjoy.


Here’s to Ryan Gagne and the Venture X team at the Marlborough location for their hard work in making their Venture X location an exciting and innovative place to grow your central Massachusetts business. Contact Venture X Marlborough to join their impressive shared office space community!