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The Value of Membership: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Place

Jun 25, 2019 | Blog

The American workplace is currently undergoing a paradigm shift. The traditional workspace — the standardized and cloistered cubicle — is no longer a destination of choice. More and more, co-shared working spaces are popping up around the country and abroad.

The Venture X brand offers its members a smorgasbord of benefits, including boutique-style, world-class hotel-like amenities, a variety of office and desk options, concierge-level services, beautiful conference and meeting rooms, a café and lounge, and high-quality internet access. The most important benefits, however, may be the freedom and flexibility it provides members.

Membership has its advantages, including the ability to work from any Venture X facility, domestically or internationally. With 24/7 office access, it’s the perfect way to do business on your terms and on your time. This kind of freedom is popular among businessmen and women needing to host clients or looking to have a second office that accommodates their business travels.

The Appeal of Venture X 

Imagine a workspace that doesn’t limit creativity but encourages it. A workspace that inspires a free flow of ideas among other business-minded people. A workspace that helps you maintain focus on the task at hand, without distraction, in the direction you want your business to go. This is what the Venture X brand provides entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses with the comfort and convenience you expect.

As the freelance world continues to grow, young, rising entrepreneurs will be looking for coworking spaces and the Venture X brand is not only leading the competition but paving a new path. Whether it’s a membership that allows you to take advantage of the motivational design, a welcoming place to meet with clients and all the amenities you need in one place –the Venture X brand encompasses the concept of coworking and takes it to the next level. Isn’t that what you are looking for when it comes to success?

The Venture X Presence

Technology continues to increase mobility and flexibility, and offices of today need to be designed accordingly. By creating a flexible, fluid space that supports mobile workdays, members can better utilize each square foot in their office and actively encourage employee productivity.

The Venture X brand is primed for industry dominance. Plans are to target 100 locations for openings within the next 36 months, and deals are being negotiated throughout the U.S., London, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil and Panama. With offices designed by global architecture firm Gensler, and furnishings manufactured by Herman Miller, each Venture X shared workspace is ultra-modern, providing members a sleek, conducive environment to grow business, learn from others, receive support, utilize resources, and creatively think outside the box.

Find a Venture X location near you, by clicking here.

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